Viminacium Ancient Roman Military Base in Serbia

David’s Been Here explores the Roman Military Base of Viminacium in Serbia  a fascinating archaeological park situated where the River Mlava (known as “Margus” in ancient times) empties into the Danube. The area has always been quite fertile, which is why the ancient Romans took an interest to it.


In this episode, David explores Viminacium with the help of Lubomir, an archaeologist who has worked to uncover several of the sites here.


This ancient Roman military fort served at the base for the Seventh Legion Claudia in the fourth century, but it was in use well before that time since the 1st century.

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“During the reign of Gordian III (239) the town was accorded the status of a Roman citizen colony and the right to mint local currency. Such a status was the highest that could be attained by a town in the Roman Empire. Viminacium was often chosen as a mustering point for troops and a starting point in many a military campaign.” -Serbia Travel


David and Lubomir walk around one of the covered excavation sites to see the ruins of ancient roads, public bath system, tiles, and human remains in the necropolis. Viminacium is a great day trip from Belgrade especially for history lovers. The site also features a reconstructed amphitheater and beautiful visitors center, modeled after an ancient Roman villa rustica (“domus”). There is also a hotel and restaurant onsite.

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