My Hype Magazine Interview on Bulgaria

I was recently asked by Hype Magazine – the international travel blog of UK-based Holiday Hypermarket – to share some insider knowledge on visiting Bulgaria.

Just a quick Skype call later and I imparted my top tips on what to see, eat, do and experience on a trip to this diverse country.

It was a fun way to reminisce on visiting one of my all-time favourite regions, the Balkans, and to hopefully give insider advice to others planning a visit to Bulgaria. You can read the full interview on Hype Mag’s site, but I’ve also included an excerpt from the interview below with my tips on the best local food and cultural souvenirs:

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We know the food in Bulgaria is very affordable, but what do you consider to be the most authentic Bulgarian cuisine?

Bulgarian cuisine is all about fresh ingredients. Everyone starts with a salad and cheese and then moves on to a meat dish. But, they also eat lentils and lots of beans and soups! On top of that, you’ll find loads of fresh fish along the coasts, so it’s very well-balanced.

What cultural souvenir would you recommend taking home for travellers that don’t want another pen or postcard?

Wine is a great souvenir, as it’s very affordable – and delicious! You can go to a winery and get a case shipped home. That way, you will be able to remember Bulgaria every time you open a bottle.

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You can read more about visiting Bulgaria here.

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