How to Stay Fit While Traveling – 10 Minute Tabata Workout Routine

The question I get asked all the time is how I stay fit while traveling and eating non-stop. I work out a lot! At least 30 mins a day on the regular plus I try to walk 10,000 steps everyday. Shot in Miami, Florida!

In this video my trainer Julian shows you one of the many 10-minute workout routines I do everyday while traveling. You don’t need a matt, a machine or weights. All you need is dedication and you can stay fit while traveling and eating non-stop delicious food.

Here is my 10 minute Tabata workout routine:

Warm Up:

Jumping Jacks – 10 Seconds

High Knees – 10 Seconds

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Butt Kicks – 10 Seconds

Tabata Routine 1:

Push Ups – 20 Seconds

10 Second Break

Mountain Climbers – 20 Seconds

10 Second Break

Tabata Routine 2:

Jump Squats – 20 Seconds

10 Second Break

Push Up and Turn – 20 Seconds

10 Second Break

Tabata Routine 3:

Sumo Squat Hops – 20 Seconds

10 Second Break

Burpee with Push-Ups – 20 Seconds

10 Second Break

Repeat each routine 8 times for a total 8 Minute Tabata Workout. I recommend doing a mix or doing one of these per day. Julian says 8 minutes but most people need probably a 20 second break making the total time around 10 minutes.

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This is how to stay fit while traveling in 10 minutes per day! I will be doing more fitness videos like this to give you better options to stay fit while traveling.

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