Where to Stay in Mykonos, Greece

In Mykonos you will find a lot of places to stay and a big variety of prices. The key to find the proper accommodation for you is to do a little search and book early. As thousands of tourists all around the globe are thinking of spending their holidays on the island, the ones that make a reservation first will get the best places.

If you book late, you may also find accommodation is really over-priced. So booking early will also save you some money.

Spacious, lavish, isolated, equipped with a lot of amenities and a cozy decoration, Mykonos Villas are probably the best option for your accommodation on the island, although a little more costly.

Renting a Mykonos Villa is highly recommended either for couples that want privacy and a luxury surrounding for their summer escape or for groups of friends. There are smaller and larger villas available so you can choose the one that covers your needs. Some of the larger Villas in Mykonos can accept up to 20 guests.

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Prices for villas vary from 500 euros to 10.000 euros daily or even more, depending the period, on dates, square meters, location and luxury equipment they come with.

  • Luxury 5* Hotels in Mykonos

If you prefer to be with more people and have a lot of facilities available, you should pick up one of the many 5-star hotels or resorts. In most of them you will find huge swimming pools, spa and gyms, restaurants, bars or even boutiques. Those next to the sea usually have their own private beach. And they offer full services, some of which could be very useful, like private transportation and babysitting.

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For a twin/double room you prices start from 200 euros per night. For a more luxurious suite you may pay up to 3.500 euros per night.

Some of the luxury hotels are: Cavo Tagoo , Santa Marina , Belvedere , Saint John , Blanco , Kensho , Mykonos Grand , Bill and Coo.

  • Mid-range Hotels in Mykonos

This category includes 4 or 3 star hotels and there are plenty of them in Mykonos. The cost will be somewhere between 100 – 700 euros per night for a double room.

Some of them are:

Kouros , Dove , Leto , Petinos Beach Hotel, Yiannaki Hotel,

You can find some real gems among mid-range hotels, although they are not 5 star and their services may be limited. But they still offer a lot for a reasonable price. Some of them are:

  • Low-range Hotels in Mykonos

Even if your budget is very limited, you may sacrifice some of the amenities the luxury hotels offer to expand your vacations. You can still find good hotels with only 1 or 2 stars and the cost can be as low as 40 euros per night for a double room.

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Some of the good low range hotels are:

  • La Veranda in Chora Mykonos, 2.5 star
  • Vanilla in Ornos Beach, 2.5 star
  • Matogianni Hotel in Chora Mykonos(right on the famous Matogianni street), 2 star
  • Argo in Platys Gialos, 1 star
  • Super Paradise Suites & Rooms on the well-known Super Paradise beach, 2 star

If you choose to stay in a low range hotel, we suggest you do your own research first so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises at your arrival.

  • Camping at Paraga beach

There is an even more affordable accommodation in Mykonos – and this is the Paraga Beach Hostel & Camping. It is a great option for those who want to live in nature, those who don’t want to spend a lot of money for a hotel room and, of course, for younger people.

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Apart from the magnificent ocean views and the opportunity to literally live on one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, Paraga Beach Hostel and Camping has a lot to offer to its guests. Within its facilities you will find a swimming pool, a pool bar and restaurant, a mini market, a boutique and a hair and henna-tattoo salon. Yoga lessons and free transportation on arrival and departure are also offered.

The cost for two people for one night is 30 euros, if you bring your own tent. But there are bungalows and dorms also available, for a little higher price.

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