Crispy Super Dosa + 9 Indian Dishes at Ayesha Midtown | Miami, Florida

I love sharing food experiences with people, so when I had the opportunity to visit another incredible Indian restaurant in my hometown of Miami, I knew I had to bring my dad with me! Come along with us as we try a crispy super dosa and nine Indian dishes at Ayesha Midtown in Miami, Florida!

My dad and I set off to Ayesha Fine Dining in Midtown, a new pedestrian-friendly area of Miami with lots of buildings and restaurants. We had our mouths set on some flavorful Indian food. Come along with us as I take my dad on a delicious Indian food adventure and teach him all about southern Indian food!

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Ayesha Fine Dining is part of the Ayesha Restaurant Group by my friend Mike Hussein. They also have fantastic restaurants in Pinecrest and Coconut Grove if you’re ever in the Miami area and looking for a great spot to eat some authentic Indian cuisine.

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We started our meal with some scorching hot Bombay Chai, which is somewhat similar to a café con leche. It contains milk, ginger, cardamom, and other spices.

Next, we had the two-foot-long Super Dosa. It’s a large, crispy plain dosa without an aloo filling. It came with coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and sambar. Sambar is a tomato-based soup made up of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, eggplant, and lentils. The coconut chutney was heavenly, with a pure coconut flavor. The tomato chutney was very mild but flavorful. I love coconut chutney! Even though the dosa was two feet long, we ate the whole thing!

Our next dish was Pani Puri, one of my absolute favorites from the state of Maharashtra. It consists of fried, hollow, puffy flatbread filled with potatoes and masalas. It was served with two Panis – mint and tamarind. I prepared one for my dad and then tried one myself. It was an explosion of flavor! The mint with the sweetness of the tamarind and crunch of the Puri was like culinary heaven! 

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Next, I introduced my dad to vada, which is a savory southern Indian breakfast doughnut. We also tried idli, a steamed cake made of rice flour and fermented lentils. They were served with more sambar and chutneys. The vada was soft with a crispy exterior. Meanwhile, the idli was also soft, almost like the dough of a Venezuelan arepa.

Our next dish was Marbar Beef, which is from the Indian state of Kerala. It came with parathas, or layered, doughy flatbreads. I showed my dad how to tear the paratha and grab the beef with it. It was fantastic! The beef’s curry contained onions, chilies, tomatoes, and tons of spices. It was so light and tasty!

We followed the beef with some Marbar Fish. It’s cubed and flash-fried before it finishes cooking in a light, peppery curry with lots of vegetables. We ate the Marbar Fish with the rice that came with it. I loved the soft texture and crispy exterior the fish got from the flash fry. It had no heat to it, but had a sweetness from the tamarind in the curry.  

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Next up was Chicken Chettinad. This chicken dish comes with a spicy curry made with yogurt, turmeric, onions, garlic, red chilies, and more. We had it with some plain naan. It was outstanding and full of lots of mouthwatering flavors.

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The next dish we tried was Uttapam, a thicker Indian pancake made from a rice-and-mungo-bean batter. It also has vegetables cooked into it. We had it with the chutneys and sambar from earlier, which make this such an amazing dish.

And lastly, we had Carrot Cake, which contained mashed carrots, cashews, and raisins, and maybe a puree. It was hot and absolutely delicious!

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Of all the dishes, my dad and I both agreed that we loved the Marbar Beef the most! If you’re ever in Miami, be sure to come to Ayesha Fine Dining in Midtown for some of the best and most authentic Indian food in the city! Between the super dosa and the other amazing Indian dishes at this Miami, Florida eatery, we were in Indian food heaven!

I hope you enjoyed coming with me and my father to try this super dosa and Indian dishes in Miami with me! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures! 

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