My American Wife Tries Indian Dosas for the First Time | South Miami, Florida

One of my favorite things to do when I’m at home in Miami is to share my favorite foods from around the world with the people I love the most. After sharing Indian food with my dad, my next order of business was introducing my wife to the delicious world dosas from India! Come along with me as my American wife tries Indian dosas for the first time in South Miami!

My beautiful wife, Ana, and I headed over to my favorite Indian restaurant, Bollywood Masala, in our neighborhood of South Miami. She’s never eaten a dosa before, so I couldn’t wait to show her what southern Indian food is all about!

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Bollywood Masala sells three different dosas: the plain dosa, the veg masala dosa, and the chicken dosa.

A dosa is similar to a crepe, but it’s not made with wheat flour. Instead, it’s made of a batter of rice and lentils. They’re made on a non-stick pan over an open fire and are made by spreading the batter thinly on the pan. They’re sometimes crispy and sometimes doughy. It depends on the pan and the amount of heat used.

We ordered all three dosas. The plain dosa is exactly that and doesn’t have any filling. The veg masala dosa contains potatoes, onions, and mustard seeds. The chicken dosa has a coconut gravy. All three come with coconut chutney, mint chutney, and sambar!

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I started with the plain dosa while my wife went with the chicken first. I taught her how to eat it with her hands! She loved the coconut flavor, and I liked that the plain dosa was still a little fluffy and wasn’t too crispy. Then, she tried a piece of the plain dosa with mint chutney. The mint was a little spicy and had some cilantro in it!

Then, I tried the veg masala dosa, which was fantastic. I loved the potatoes. It was stuffed with filling! The dosa filling is heavy, but the dosa is so light, it doesn’t feel like eating a sandwich.

Next, I tried the sambar, which was really light. At first, my wife didn’t want to lick her fingers, but she eventually did. I was so proud of her!

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My wife eventually got full, but I kept eating. She loved the veg masala the best. She liked the mildness and the blend of flavors. Before, during, and after the meal, she also enjoyed a mango lassi.

I eventually hit a wall and got full!

The prices at Bollywood Masala are super affordable. It only costs $9 for the plain dosa and $10 and $11 for the other two. We both loved the veg masala dosa the most!

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