Lavish Indian Apartment Tour in Ganapathy Colony | Chennai, India

With our time in Chennai coming to an unexpectedly quick end because of an approaching tropical cyclone, I decided to give you guys a quick tour of the Airbnb Sam and I stayed at before we headed off to the airport. Join me as I show you all of the amenities and rooms on our lavish Indian apartment tour in Chennai, India!

We started our day at 4 a.m. so we had plenty of time to get out of the city and head to our next destination, Kolkata. While we were in Chennai, Sam and I stayed at a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom luxury apartment in Ganapathy Colony locality in the city center.

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It’s located in a very nice building with a gate, a car park, and a doorman who gives you your key when you check in. Staying cool in Chennai is key, as it was still 90 degrees even at 4 a.m. during the winter! I took the air-conditioned elevator up to our apartment, which was unit A3 on the third floor.

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Inside, it’s very modern and spacious, with a nice couch, a small table, and TV in the living room. Just off the living room is a nice dresser that you can use for storage and across from that is the dining room, which contains a table, a closet, an ironing board, and a refrigerator.

One of the best things about this apartment is that there is air conditioning in each room, which makes the hot, sweltering weather much more manageable.

Next, I give you a look at the master bedroom, which is spacious and contains a big, comfortable queen-sized bed with nice pillows and tons of drawer and closet space for your things, which makes this a great place to spend multiple nights. There’s also a small workstation and a tiny terrace where you can open the windows. It’s my favorite master bedroom of the entire trip so far!

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Off the master bathroom is a standard Indian bathroom. The great thing about this bathroom compared to the other ones we’ve had in India is that this one has a shower curtain, so you don’t get water all over the rest of the bathroom when you take a shower! There’s also a water heater, a sink with an extended faucet, and a medicine cabinet.

The second bedroom is smaller, with a queen-sized, lots of closet space, and a small table where you can work. Just off the bedroom is another standard Indian bathroom that’s actually larger than the one for the master bedroom, and has a door that opens to the living room.

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Next up is the very modern kitchen, with a stovetop, double sink, cabinets filled with cups and bowls, a water purifier, a microwave, and a washing machine. It’s easily my favorite kitchen we’ve had on our trip so far!

Off the kitchen is a nice, little terrace, and outside the kitchen is a small sink where you can wash your hands. Religious hand-washing is essential when you come to India. You have to keep your hands clean!

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As we wrap up our Indian apartment tour in Chennai, I take a quick look back at my quick stay in the city. I look back at the beautiful sites and attractions we visited as well as the delicious and spicy food we had there, especially the seafood. But now it’s time to look forward to Kolkata!

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