Pizza Hut in India is Delicious! Spicy Indian Pizza | Kolkata, India

After my travel buddy Sam and I arrived in Kolkata a day earlier than we initially expected, we had a free day to explore before getting into our planned itinerary the following day. So we decided to check out a couple of fast-food chains and see how the Indian versions compared to their American counterparts. After lunch at McDonald’s earlier in the day, we decided to go to have some Pizza Hut in India for dinner!

We went a little crazy and ordered six different pizzas, including five veg pizzas and one non-veg, and a drink. It was our first time trying Indian pizzas, so we had no idea what to expect, but we were excited to dive in. Here is everything we tried at this Pizza Hut in India!

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-Masala Lemonade (49 Rupees)

The first thing we tried at this Pizza Hut in India was the Masala Lemonade, a dark drink that looked very icy. It was lemonade with a lot of spice and was so unique and refreshing!

-Paneer Capsicum Pizza (129 Rupees)

Our first pizza was the Paneer Capsicum, which was spicy and contained lots of peppers, a light tomato sauce, and had a nice, thick, crunchy dough. The paneer on it was amazing and was like a second dose of cheese on top of the regular cheese!

-Paneer Soya Supreme Pizza (325 Rupees)

Next up was the Paneer Soya Supreme, which has bits of soya crumbles with masala, green peppers, chilies, and paneer. It was fantastic, and quite spicy!   

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-Tandoori Paneer Pizza (265 Rupees)

Next up, we had the Tandoori Paneer, which contained tomatoes, onions, green peppers, paneer, cheese, and barely any tomato sauce – the least of any of the pizzas so far. It was sweet, juicy, and really flavorful.

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-Corn Pizza (89 Rupees)

Our next pizza was the Corn Pizza, which was loaded with corn and melted cheese. It was super corny and creamy and another really unique pizza!

-Soya and Onion Pizza (99 Rupees)

Next, we went with the Soya and Onion, which contained more soya crumbles, crispy onion, and quite a bit of sauce on a nice, crunchy crust. As soon as you bite into it, you can taste the masala. It’s spicy and extremely flavorful and was fabulous!

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-Chicken Sausage and Tikka Pizza (325 Rupees)

Our final pizza was essentially India’s version of the meat-lover’s pizza, with chicken sausage, tikka, peppers, and red chilies. There were so many flavors, including pepper and masala and it was really good!

Amazingly, it all came to less than $20 U.S., an incredible deal for so much food! The crust of all the pizzas was nearly identical to the ones in the U.S., but the toppings were all very different and unique to India. I love what they’re doing here! If you ever come to India, try the pizza at Pizza Hut for a fun and diverse flavor trip. Everything was out of this world!

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I hope you enjoyed our visit to an Indian Pizza Hut in Kolkata! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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