Lux Japanese Studio Apartment Tour with Incredible Views in Namba Area | Osaka, Japan

After two amazing days seeing the mind-blowing sights and tasting the amazing flavors of Osaka, I decided to show you guys around the Airbnb I called home during my stay! Come along with me as I give you a quick tour of this awesome Japanese studio apartment in Japan!

This amazing Japanese studio apartment is located in the Namba area in the heart of Osaka. It’s centrally located near top-notch attractions like Kuromon Market, Dotonbori, and Tsutenkaku Tower, so you can’t find a better place to lay your head, location-wise!

The building is very secure; you have to use your key to open the security gates. From there, I took the elevator up to my unit on the thirteenth floor, which offers some outstanding views of the Osaka skyline!

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The unit, 1304, is super modern. Remember, it’s customary to take off your shoes when you enter a home in Japan. Right inside the door is the bathroom, which has a sink and a closet with some shelves and a small washer/dryer. In a separate part of the bathroom is the bathtub/shower.

Past the bathroom area is the kitchenette, where there are a stovetop and cupboards with mugs, glasses, pots, pans, plates, and utensils inside. There’s also a toaster oven, microwave, and small refrigerator stacked on top of one another.

Next up is the toilet room! As is usually the case in Japan, the toilet is separate from the rest of the bathroom. It’s also very high-tech and has heated seats and a bidet. There’s also a faucet behind the seat where you can wash your hands! On shelves above the toilet are some toilet paper, some wipes, and napkins.

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The sleeping area in this Japanese studio apartment is both small but spacious. There’s a couch with pillows, a small table where I did my work, and a TV stand with a flat-screen TV on top. There’s also a nice, comfortable bed. In front of the bed is a closet with extra pillows and blankets in case it gets cold, as well as an air conditioner/heater.

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But the best thing about this place, hands down, is the stunning view of Osaka from my balcony! There are lots of low-rises, high-rises, and skyscrapers right outside. The area is a mix of residential and commercial space and offices. As beautiful as the view is during the day, it’s even more amazing at night when the city is lit up!

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I highly recommend this place if you’re coming to Osaka alone or maybe with 1-2 other people. It’s an amazing place to stay!

And that’s it – the complete tour of my lux Japanese studio apartment in Osaka’s Namba area! If you loved it, please give this video a thumbs up, leave me a comment below, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more awesome travel and food content!

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