Indian Food Dinner Cruise on the Brahmaputra River + Pani Puri | Guwahati, Assam, India

My second day in Guwahati, Assam, India continued with something special for dinner. I decided to take a dinner cruise down the Brahmaputra River, which is the widest river in India and the fifth-largest in Asia. Come along with us as we take a ride on an Indian food dinner cruise and have some pani puri afterward!

The Alfresco Grand dinner cruise lasts for an hour from 4-5 p.m. and costs 400 rupees/roughly $5.75 per person, but the cost of food is extra. From there, we boarded and headed up to the top deck, where there is an open terrace and tables. I went with a Kingfisher premium beer. Beer isn’t very common in India, so I was excited to have one!

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For our meal on our Indian food dinner cruise, we went with some paneer chili for me and chicken pakora for my friend. Our meal would come out at 4:30.

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That would give us time to enjoy our drinks, chill, and watch the sunset over the Brahmaputra River. This river is very important to the people of Assam and is considered a holy place.

I love paneer chili. It’s an Indo-Chinese dish with big chunks of paneer. It also contained green peppers and onions. I loved the flavor combination of them all together as well as the heat from the chilies. It is an excellent, spicy veg dish. I loved it!

Next, I tried the chicken pakora, which consisted of boneless, minced chicken that is fried into small balls or patties. I really liked it! It was nice and crispy, with a golden brown exterior.

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And while it didn’t come with any chutneys or dipping sauces besides ketchup, it was really tasty. Because it was fried, it went really well with the beer.

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The Indian food dinner cruise was a fantastic experience. As we rode down the river, we passed the smallest river island in the world, Umananda Island.

We didn’t go there because it was Shivrati, but we could see lots of ferries there. The river is also known for its river dolphins, which are the main attraction.

After the cruise, I wanted to buy some souvenirs for my family. Assamese souvenirs use a lot of bamboo and wood, and are usually animal-related. Then we took a rickshaw from the river over a tuk-tuk. It cost 20 rupees/$0.29 U.S., and is more eco-friendly than a tuk-tuk!

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We visited an incredible shop with lots of amazing souvenirs including carved wooden rhinos, hats, baskets, lanterns, beer mugs, masks, and lots of other wood and bamboo goods. I bought an elephant mask and a deer mask and a farmer’s hat. It only cost 600 rupees/$8.62 U.S. for everything!

Then, because we only had a little to eat on the cruise, I got some pani puri from a guy along the side of the road! Pani puri is my favorite Indian street food and I can eat them forever!

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I love the crunch of the crispy puri and the way that the pani washes over your entire palate when you bite down. It’s so flavor and mouthwateringly good! And it only cost me 10 rupees/$0.14 U.S. for 5 pani puris, so it’s an amazing deal!

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He gave me an extra one and then I had four more afterward! The guy keeps giving you more until you’re ready for him to stop, which is amazing. But with the mosquitoes coming out, it was time for me to go before I got eaten alive!

I hope you enjoyed coming along on our Brahmaputra River Indian food dinner cruise, our shopping trip, and our mini-pani puri feast on the street! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming videos. I’ll see you in the next travel/food adventure!

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