The Ultimate Indian Haircut Experience 2.0 – Face & Back Massage | Shillong, Meghalaya, India

I had only arrived in Meghalaya a few hours earlier, but in that time, I had already had breakfast at Iewduh Market, eaten a phenomenal Khasi thali for lunch, shopped at Police Bazar, and visited Shillong Peak. I was trying to pack as much into each day in Shillong as I could. Now, come along with me as I have the ultimate Indian haircut experience (again), this time in beautiful northeast India!

I’d gotten a haircut the last time I visited India, during my time in Kolkata. It was such an amazing experience that I had to get another one in Shillong, as well as a shave and a back massage. The one I got in Kolkata was magical! My back was destroyed from carrying around a heavy backpack during my travels, so I needed a massage. Let’s go get one!

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We arrived at Muda Shopping Complex in Police Bazar to get my haircut. This mall contains lots of stores selling clothing, handbags, maps, and more. We reached Men’s Hair Salon, but they were packed, so Paul took me to King City Gents Saloon instead.

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My barber started by trimming the sides and back and taking a little off the top, giving me an army-style haircut. I asked for a skin, because it’s cleaner and takes longer to grow back. My barber was an absolute pro! He knew exactly what he was doing. One of the great things about Indian haircuts is that they’re so inexpensive. Here, they cost $6-$7 U.S. Back home in Miami, they cost me $25!

After my cut, I went with a facial massage, which I was really looking forward to. It costs 500 rupees, or about $7.15 U.S. It’s so worth it. I had so much tension in my face from all the traveling I’d been doing, so I needed it! The massage was so relaxing, I actually fell asleep during it! But my barber wasn’t even done yet!

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He put more cream on my face and then I had to wait ten minutes for it to be taken off. But the experience of him applying it was so relaxing! All of the tension in my face was gone. I was still tired, but I also felt a little refreshed!

Then he vaped my face with steam. It was hot, but it felt really good. It felt like I was in a sauna! As it was happening, I realized the guy next to me was actually watching one of my videos!

Then the face massage continued! I looked like Michael Myers! He got everywhere, even in my ears. I couldn’t believe how serene I felt. This is why Indian haircuts are my favorite type of haircut on the planet!

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My barber wiped my face clean and then sprayed it with water. Then he wiped my face with alcohol to clean everything out. He really opened my pores. My face looked and felt brand-new with the exception of my mosquito bites!

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Then it was time for my back massage, which felt so good! It was super hardcore, but my back needed it. Then he started twisting my arm as well. He even massaged my hand and cracking my fingers. From there, he moved on to the shoulder massage, which was equally intense, but it was so insanely good!

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And then he styled my hair at the very end like a boss. I couldn’t believe how efficient he was and how good his work looked! This was the ultimate Indian haircut experience!

Best of all, it only cost me 50 rupees for the haircut, 500 for the facial massage and 100 for the body massage. That’s 650 rupees, or about $8.76 USD. That’s a fraction of what a haircut alone would cost me back home in Miami!

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my second ultimate Indian haircut experience! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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