Incredible Home-Cooked Khasi Food at a Shillongan Local’s Home | Shillong, Meghalaya, India

On my third day in Meghalaya, I headed out to see some local attractions in Shillong and have some home-cooked Khasi food at a local’s home! Join us as I explore more of this beautiful state in northeast India!

My friend Dickie from Wild Heart Campers would be taking me around for the day. I couldn’t wait to see a local canyon. We rode through a youth-centric area of Shillong that’s full of college students to get there. There was lots of traffic! But it wasn’t long before we left the city behind and entered more hilly, rural environments. It reminded me of northern Scotland and Lesotho with the winding road.

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Then we arrived at a beautiful, hazy canyon. It was like a smaller and greener version of the Grand Canyon! It was stunning. I could see three or four villages nestled within the canyon. We found a lookout point that extends over the canyon, which reminded me of Table Mountain in South Africa. Just be careful when you go there! People have died here trying to get selfies for Instagram.

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I met a man selling some delicious minty tea as we admired the view. During the rainy season, the entire canyon would be lush and vivid green, but it would also be much more treacherous and slippery.

From there, we visited a large hut with a bamboo roof. The pillars are made from the trunks of massive trees. A dance party is held in front of the hut once a year. A miniature stadium faces the hut. Here, the queen and other spectators have a great view of the dancing.

After 25 minutes of driving, we arrived back in Shillong. The city is growing a lot, so it’s seeing an influx of people. Dickie and I met up with my buddy Paul, who took us to his friend Jordan’s house, where we’d have a home-cooked Khasi meal. I couldn’t wait to eat!

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After meeting Jordan, we went inside, met the dog, and prepared to eat our traditional, home-cooked Khasi food feast! Jordan’s family had prepared an amazing-looking spread for us!

I started with the mincemeat beef patty, which was perfectly fried and delicious. I tried it with the wild flower pickle. It was different! Then I went with the super light dal with rice. Then I tried the bean salad, which was delicious! It had a sesame curry on it and was incredible. I took the chili from the serving bowl. It was outstanding! I was loving this home-cooked Khasi food!

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Then I tried the pork, which was juicy, tender, and fatty. It was covered in the same sesame curry as the bean salad. There was a little bit of sweetness to it and was almost like chicharron, or pork rinds!

Then I had the dried beef, which was like a nice angus steak with curry. It was chewy like jerky! Next was the dried fish chutney with chili, which I put in some lettuce. It was spicy and salty with a potent dry fish taste!

Then I went with the bamboo shoot pickle, which was pungent and had a really great texture. Everything was so fresh and delicious! It was so different from America, where everything is frozen.

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What an incredible feast! I have to thank Jordan and his mom for preparing this amazing meal.

I hope you enjoyed coming with me to see the beautiful canyon and joining me for this amazing home-cooked Khasi food feast! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food videos!

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