Javanese Indonesian Food You Must Try In Suriname | Paramaribo, Suriname

As my first day in Paramaribo, Suriname wound to a close, my boy Imro took me out to have some Javanese Indonesian food that I still can’t stop thinking about. Then, we headed out to see some Brazilian dancing! Come along with me as I continue my exploration of the beautiful melting pot that is Surinamese food!

To start our evening, Imro took me to a spot called Jakarta Restaurant. It’s one of the best places to get Javanese Indonesian food in the city!

My Javanese Indonesian food feast started with rose milk with coconut, which was so tasty and refreshing. It’s a delicious Indonesian drink!

Next, I had a saoto soup and a second one with a gigantic shrimp in it. I also got a second drink that was similar to the rose milk, but it was green instead of pink. It was like condensed milk with an herbal taste!

I started with the jumbo shrimp, which was fantastic. The saoto soup contained tofu and sprouts and came with a chili sauce and a soy sauce. The soy sauce was dense and a little spicy and the spice hit me a little hard. I added some real spice to the other saoto soup, which contained an egg. The egg was nice and creamy and was so good with the tofu and sprouts!

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Then I went out to the buffet and got a plate with a banana leaf. I got some rice, beef with potato and curry, chicken, thin noodles with chicken, satay, bamboo shoots with coconut milk, and eggs with coconut. I had a packed plate and couldn’t wait to dive in!

I started with the chicken satay, which was so tender and juicy. The sauce was unreal! I got satay all the time when I was in Thailand, but this was a little different from the Thai style! Next, I went with the beef with coconut, which was tender and coated in roasted coconut. Then, I tried the chicken, which was cooked so well and was super tender.

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My Javanese Indonesian food feast continued with some bamboo shoots, which weren’t so spicy. I tried some with some amazing sticky rice. The beef curry had just the right amount of toughness and was like beef jerky. I was loving the variety of the food! There was also a spicy samba, which was fruity and had a nice kick to it! The lo mein with chicken was also great.

Then I moved on to the coconut shaves with pepper. I tried it with the egg. It wasn’t crazy spicy and had some nice greens in it. Next, I had some fish, which I tried with some glazy soy sauce that took it to the next level!

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Then I went to get some tofu with sprouts, rice, and coconut.  It was amazing! It was fried tofu drenched in soy sauce. It was crunchy, spicy, and really unique. It was my favorite dish so far!

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By that point, I thought I was done, but the restaurant owner had other plans for me. He continued my Javanese Indonesian food experience by bringing me some huge shrimp, steak, a fried rice called picante, and veggies. The steak was super tender and had a mushroom sauce on it. It was a phenomenal, medium-rare steak.

The vegetables contained broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower and was super moist and tasty. I took the shell off the shrimp. It was a little tough but it was worth it! The shrimp had been barbecued and had amazing flavor.

The picante came with a hot sauce that was like a spicy glaze. Then I tried the rice with a spicy red dish wrapped in a leaf. It was so good, but definitely spicy! I needed more rose milk to calm down the heat in my mouth!

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Then we headed back out to see some dancers in the city center. It was like a Brazilian block party. There were vendors selling food, but I was too full to try it. It was still early, so there wasn’t much going on at first. I chilled had had a Brazilian beer called Schin, which was light but not bad. There were lots of people drinking and eating!

I hope you enjoyed coming with me to try Javanese Indonesian food in Suriname! If you did, please give it a thumbs up, leave me a comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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