Crazy Off Roading at Turtle Farm Albania – Albanian Kebabs & Sunset in Daias, Albania

The first full day of my second trip to Albania continued with a bang as my first-hand experience at Turtle Farm Albania kept blowing my mind! Join me, my buddy Erjan, and our friends at Dabble and Travel as we have a crazy off-roading experience at Turtle Farm Albania and enjoy some kebabs for a sunset dinner in Daias, Albania!

Our afternoon continued as Erjan from Travel Media EU  prepared to set off on Turtle Farm Albania’s new off-roading tour in Daias! This tour takes you on a thrilling ride down the backroads through the forests around the village. These roads are meant for domesticated animals, but we were going to use our off-roading vehicles!

The tour is usually two to three hours in total, but today we were pressed for time, so we could only do an hour before we had to be back for the sunset and dinner. Joining us were our friends Genc from Enjoy Travel Guide and Molly and Matt of Dabble and Travel, a pair of travel vloggers who we invited to experience Turtle Farm Albania!

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You can experience this authentic Albanian farm experience just 24 minutes from the capital city, Tirana. We couldn’t wait to start! We had to wear our seatbelts and headed down a road only for animals. There was a fallen tree that we had to clear from the path. The road is super tight and muddy, but our vehicle held up perfectly.

Eventually, we crossed a river and continued down the narrow road, which was more like a trail through the wilderness! The car drifted and slid, which makes the rugged road even more fun to navigate!We stopped at an empty meadow in the forest. It’s incredibly beautiful, but we wanted to get back to the farm before sunset, so we cut the trip short. We took the same thrilling road back to the farm.

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We had some delicious wine that was similar to a cider or saison. It was super fruity! Then, we took Molly and Matt to see where we make our raki. I explained the process to them, and then we headed off to see where we make our olive oil! They come from our olive tree groves!

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We tried the olive oil with some fluffy and warm bread, which was heavenly. The olive oil is actually the color of olives!

Then, as the sun sank beneath the horizon over Turtle Farm Albania, we had some amazing veal kofta or kebabs for dinner! We enjoyed it with some cheese and yogurt. Then, finally, at midnight, Erjan and I headed back to Nano BioFood, which is where I was staying for the night!

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What an incredible afternoon of off-roading at Turtle Farm Albania and enjoying Albanian kebabs in Daias! Huge thanks to my boy Erjan, his amazing family, Rental Car Albania, and our friends Matt and Molly of Dabble and Travel for making this such an awesome day!

I hope you liked coming with us to check out the off-roading experience we offer at Turtle Farm Albania in Daias, Albania! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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