Spicy Cajun Seafood Mukbang!! Lobster, Snow Crab & Soft Shell Craft Po’boy | Miami, FL

With so many amazing cuisines around the world, it’s easy to forget some of the ones born right here in North America, like Cajun cuisine! Join me as I go to Cajun Boil in Miami to have a mouthwatering spicy Cajun seafood mukbang!

Cajun Boil is one of the best seafood joints in Miami-Dade County. They have three locations: one on Flagler Street in Miami, one in the Brickell Financial District, and another in Plantation, Florida. They serve traditional spicy and Cajun seafood with an Asian twist!

Inside, the restaurant is super spacious with marble-topped tables and a marble-topped bar, as well as draft beer on tap. There’s also a big, family-style table and booths, as well as an amazing purple octopus mural on the walls!

I went back into the kitchen and met the head chef, Chef Ao. There, I saw some amazing crab legs, shrimp, and more. I watched him prepare some charbroiled oysters and a softshell crab po’boy. They fry the entire softshell crab. It was going to be crunchy and spicy!

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They also sell alligator and frog legs, which I love! I watched Chef Ao do me some crab legs and lobster tails. They have lots of appetizers, entrees, and combos. The combo I was getting had mussels, shrimp, lobster, crabs, potatoes, corn, and blue crab fried rice!

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The charbroiled oysters smelled phenomenal! I could smell lots of garlic, and then they would add bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. I loved that they were making mine spicy. It was going to be just the way I like it!

They added some egg into my blue crab fried rice to hold it all together, and then added green onion as well. Finally, we got some alligator bites!

My feast included a number of different things. The po’boy contained tomatoes, lettuce, and fried softshell crab.

The alligator bites tasted just like buttery, tender chicken. I loved both of the sauces that came with it! One of them was spicy and super tasty. Next was the blue crab fried rice. It was like a Chinese fried rice, but the crab was so fresh and tender.

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I also loved the way it blended well with the egg. It was super special and full of flavor! I added some Crystal hot sauce for an extra Cajun kick! It’s now one of my favorite fried rice dishes of all-time!

Next were the charbroiled oysters, which was like a delicacy. I love oysters, but there’s something about them when they’re charbroiled that makes them extra tasty! I loved the garlic, parmesan, and crispy texture. Adding the Crystal and sweet and sour sauces made it even better!

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The softshell crab po’boy was unreal. I loved the crab, which was crunchy on the outside but still soft on the inside.

Next was my combo. I’d had one a few times in my life, including my trip to Lafayette, Louisiana back in 2017. I had to put on a bib and some plastic gloves to eat it because it gets messy! The lobster tail dipped in the thick, paste-like sauce was tender and succulent and had some real spice to it! The shrimp and mussels were also amazing. The spice level reminded me of that in China and Thailand, where even medium-level heat is enough to scorch your taste buds!

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Then, I dug into the Alaskan snow crab legs. I cracked them open and a bit of the sauce got in my eye! The sweet, succulent meat with the sauce was fantastic. There was so much meat in it! I couldn’t get enough of the lobster tail in the sauce, though. It was divine and made this spicy Cajun seafood mukbang my favorite one I’ve ever done!

It was such a fun meal to eat even though the sauce kept popping into my eye! There was also an amazing Cajun sausage buried in the sauce, as well as lots of little mussels. There was also a buttery piece of corn drenched in the sauce, some potatoes, and more! I wanted to limit myself, but it was all too good to leave behind!

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What an incredible spicy Cajun seafood mukbang in the Brickell Financial District in Miami! Huge thanks to the team at Cajun Boil for having me and for spoiling me with so much amazing food!


Brickell: 141 SW 7th St, Miami, FL 33130

Miami: 10162 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33174

Plantation: 8000 W Broward Blvd Suite 1329, Plantation, FL 33388


? INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/cajunboil/

? FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/cajunboilmiami/

? TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Cajunboil

? TIKTOK: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJ9r1vkb/

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