How Cheese is Made in Kosovo!! Cheese Factory Tour | Pristina, Kosovo

In my latest adventure in my Albania and Kosovo series, I got the chance to visit a dairy factory! Come along with me as I see how cheese is made at a cheese factory in Pristina, Kosovo!

My day began at Magic Ice, a massive cheese factory just outside the beautiful city of Pristina, Kosovo. My boy Erjan from Travel Media EU and I would get to tour their facility and see how they make cheese, curd, ice cream, sour cream, and much more! I had never been to a cheese factory this big! Inside, we met with Syzane and saw all of the ice cream varieties they make. They have two imported ice creams, but the rest is all theirs.

To keep everything inside the facility sanitary, we had to wear our face masks as well as a protective gown, hairnets, and shoe coverings before we entered the production area. It’s hardcore but necessary! I was super excited to be back in a cheese factory! Inside were huge vats and containers where the cheese was being pressed. I couldn’t wait to see the whole cheese-making process. It smelled like pure milk inside. It smelled so good!

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They take pasteurized milk and make yogurt and put it in a huge vat. Then, they extract the water, which leaves just cheese. They press the cheese into blocks and leave a little briny water inside the containers to keep the cheese soft and salty.

I watched them take blocks of cheese and pack them into large, bucket-like containers. They put 800 grams of cheese into each one, and then they add water and seal it. Elsewhere, we got to see the pasteurization of the milk before it gets turned into a milky, sauce-like yogurt. Then, we saw the cheese in water, which is wrapped in a huge cloth, which presses out the water. After that, they let it sit for 40 minutes until it’s just cheese!

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Next, we tried the Magic Ice Classic Cone, an ice cream cone produced at the facility. It was vanilla ice cream on a cone, and was a little nutty, and had chocolate in it! The vanilla was amazing, and the ice cream was so sweet and creamy. It was like butter and melted almost immediately. It’s 100% milk and doesn’t contain any water! I loved how pure it was!

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Then, we saw the process of making the curd. They have two types. One is saltier than the other. They had the curd in two huge vats and, depending on which kind of curd it is, it gets packed into a differently colored plastic package, which they then vacuum seal.

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One package is blue, while the other is pink. It smelled so good! The kind with fat was so creamy. It’s also super fresh! This cheese factory in Pristina, Kosovo is amazing! Next, we saw everything that was packed in the refrigerator and ready to go to markets. It was only 3 degrees Celsius inside and there was a never-ending amount of cheese inside!

From there, we headed to another part of the facility, where we saw their Magic Cream (sour cream) and a freezer where the ice cream was stored. It was way too cold in there at -22 degrees Celsius, or 9 degrees fahrenheit! My face was frozen afterward!

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Next, we got to taste a dense white cheese. It was very different from goat cheese and had a less crumbly texture. Then, we tried a creamier, more buttery feta cheese. Magic Ice cheese factory in Pristina, Kosovo is a truly incredible place!

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What an incredible cheese factory tour in Pristina, Kosovo! I have to thank my friends at Travel Media EU and Rental Car Albania for making this trip such a fun experience. Book with them when you travel to Albania or Kosovo!

I hope you liked coming with me to Magic Ice cheese factory in Pristina, Kosovo! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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