Authentic Kosovo Food in Prizren!! Shopping & Snack Tour | Prizren, Kosovo

The fourth day of my Albania and Kosovo trip continued with an afternoon exploring the beautiful city of Prizren, Kosovo! Come with me as I try authentic Kosovo food in Prizren, Kosovo, and go on an epic shopping and snack tour!

We began our adventure later that morning in Prizren, which is said to be the most beautiful city in the country. It’s an ancient city but became important during the Ottoman period. There are lots of cobblestone streets, incredible architecture, and lots of mosques. I couldn’t wait to explore the city and eat some authentic Kosovo food in Prizren!

My boy Erjan from Travel Media EU and I headed to some of the local shops. Our first stop was Tetova, a shop that sells sweets and has been around since 1956! They sell jellies, sours, nuts, dates, gummies, and more. I tried some salty, roasted nuts, some crunchy walnuts, and some delicious but super sweet gummies.

Next, we stopped at a fountain at the very center of Prizren. People say you’ll stay in Prizren forever if you drink from the fountain! The way you stay there is by marrying a local girl. The water was fresh and cold!

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Our next stop was Uje Dukati, a perfume shop that sells oils from around the world! The owner is from Kosovo but his father was from Syria. His shop smelled amazing. He made some eau de parfum for us right in front of us by mixing oil, water, and alcohol! Then, he sprayed some on me! He even kindly gave me some for free!

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Then, we visited Luli Filigran, which has been around since 1968. This is a jewelry shop that makes beautiful handmade items. They had a lot of items for women and a few things for men, like the Albanian double eagle. He also imports from other places around the world. I bought a couple of filigrans for my daughters!

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Next, we visited a sewing shop run by a man who has been sewing for 60 years! It’s so rare to find a sewing shop on the main street of a city these days. He used a 60-year-old iron and a 100-year-old ironing board! They only charge one Euro to fix a ripped item of clothing!

For lunch, we headed to Tiffany National Restaurant. Along the way, we passed lots of cafes and restaurants on the main boulevard. There were also lots of buildings with amazing architecture and two-story buildings, homes, and commercial spaces.

Tiffany National Restaurant is one of the best places to try authentic Kosovo food in Prizren. They had an open-air kitchen and a terrace outside with grape vines on top. I watched them make salad with cabbage, beans, cheese, grilled peppers on the coals, bread, some tavas, and more! I also couldn’t wait to try the meat! Everything looked so good!

At our table, we had two tavas, soup, meat, raki, and more. The raki was nice and smooth. Our appetizers included ajvar (roasted red pepper paste), cheese with dill, salad (with cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, and beans), meatballs, and creamy peppers with cheese.

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The peppers were super spicy. They were like a heat wave in my mouth! Best of all, everything on the table was farm-to-table, so it was super fresh!

I really enjoyed the cheese with dill, which  was super nice. The ajvar on the bread was unreal! I also loved the spicy garlic, carrot, and cheese paste. We also had dolmas, Elbasan tava, a meat-and-veg tava, and mantia.

The Elbasan tava was so creamy! I loved the veal and cheese. The mantia contained dough, meat, and yogurt, and the dolma contained cheese and was baked in the oven. Baking it gave it a smoky flavor and completely changed everything! The veal, tomato, and carrot tava fell apart in my mouth!

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The meat patties with onion were smoky and juicy and blew my mind. The chef did an incredible job! Finally, for dessert, we had baklava, a delicious layered dessert from the Ottoman era. It was sweet and contained ora, a honey-like syrup. So good!

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Then, we headed back out. What a phenomenal meal! Huge thanks to my friends at Travel Media EU and Rental Car Albania for making this adventure possible. If you want to explore Kosovo or Albania, they’ll make sure you have a smooth, once-in-a-lifetime trip you’ll never forget!

I hope you liked coming with me to have authentic Kosovo food in Prizren, Kosovo! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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