Insane Kosovo Food!! Farm to Table Slow Food at Molla Egër | Outside of Pristina, Kosovo

My epic trip through Kosovo continued at Mirusha Waterfalls between the cities of Gjakova and Pristina. Join me as I enjoy some insane Kosovo slow food at Molla Egër and explore outside of Pristina, Kosovo!

The waterfalls are made up of 13 different pools and 13 waterfalls, with a small café and outdoor seating area nearby. It’s a natural waterfall that has two large drops. It’s beautiful!

Next, my friend Erjan from Travel Media EU and I headed to Gadime Caves, marble caves that were discovered in 1967 by a villager from Gadime. To get there, we drove through a village with lots of homes with high walls around them. The homes also have colorful gates outside their homes. Along the way, we saw a man chopping wood, so we got out to try it ourselves. It was hard!

Then, we stopped at a restaurant to get something to eat. First, I tried some fresh, fluffy bread. They also made some tava chicken, which you put inside the bread, which also contains oil and spices. It was so good! It was so fresh and the chicken was local.

We continued following the M9 highway (which also goes to another beautiful city of peja) to the cave. Along the way, we passed through lots of hilly terrain and farmland, with some mountains in the distance. We bought two tickets to enter the cave for 2 Euros each at the booth outside.

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You enter the cave through a building, which leads down into the cave. The ceiling is low and the temperature inside is always 13 degrees Celsius, or 54 degrees Fahrenheit. The cave is entirely natural with the exception of the paved floor and the lights inside. The man who found the caves was working in his garden when he found them!

The caves are ancient and are 600 meters deep. It’s one of only 5 marble caves in the world. There are lots of crystals in the cave, as well as rock formations that look like animals like eagles and even the map of Kosovo! It takes 30,000 years for just 1 millimeter of cave to be created! They say the cave is over 80 million years old!

There’s a small lake inside the cave. Because the ceiling is low, I could really see the details in the rock. The acoustics in the cave are amazing and you can even play music in it! There are a stalagmite and stalactite named Romeo and Juliet!

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Then, we hit the road to continue to Pristina. On the way, we stopped at Molla Egër, or Wild Apple, an agrotourism farm nearby. We passed lots of minarets, villas, and farmland along the way. After 30 minutes, we arrived at Molla Egër.

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In the kitchen, we saw some of their desserts, including crème brulee, watermelon, and more, as well as some spicy sujuk sausage, flija, and tava chicken. They serve everything on wooden plates. The appetizer was cheese with pesto, onions, purple quail egg, and cherry tomatoes. I couldn’t wait to try their lamb tava. They crumbled up the flija and sauteed it in a pan with butter.

We started with walnut raki, which was sweet, smooth and flavorful! The cheese in the appetizer was super soft, and I loved the quail egg. It was nice and creamy, and the pesto was fantastic! Everything comes from their farm right outside!

Then, Erjan went for the flija, which was really buttery, while I went for the cheese byrek. I loved the soft cheese and multiple layers. We also had some amazing, soft cornbread, followed by some super strong apple raki.

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The flija was super fresh and buttery, like a yummy crepe. I tried it with some creamy, fresh yogurt. It was different but so tasty! Next, I jumped on some phenomenal grits with sujuk, followed by some peppers with cheese. It was spicy and super moist!

I followed that with a spicy, roasted pepper; fresh cheese; creamy red pepper cheese paste; chilies and cheese with bread; and a basturma-like cured meat. I made a sandwich out of it like I do in Italy. This Kosovo slow food outside of Pristina, Kosovo was blowing my mind!

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Next was some strong pear raki and some lamb. You can’t go wrong with baked lamb tava in Albania and Kosovo! There was also some unreal chicken. It was fresh and organic. But I couldn’t get enough of the lamb ribs! They were on another level! But my favorite thing was the cheesy peppers!

We finished with a dessert platter. The first dish was traditional and similar to baklava with lots of nuts. The wild apple cake was similar to apple pie, and the ice cream had a nice, herbal taste. The wild apple cake was my favorite!

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Before we left, I headed outside to check out the garden, where they were growing tomatoes and other vegetables. They also had hens, roosters, and turkeys in pens and a large area where they can roam. Then, we drove five minutes to the city of Pristina! I couldn’t wait to explore the Kosovar capital over the next 48 hours!

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What an awesome time trying Kosovo slow food in Pristina, Kosovo! That food, plus everything leading up to it, made for a near-perfect day. Huge thanks to my friends at Travel Media EU and Rental Car Albania for making this trip possible!

I hope you liked coming with me to try Kosovo slow food in Pristina, Kosovo! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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