Delicious Qebaptore in Pristina!! Kosovo Food & Attractions | Pristina, Kosovo

After arriving in the capital of Kosovo, Pristina on my road trip through Albania and Kosovo, I went all-out exploring the city! Come with me as I enjoy some delicious Kosovo food and check out the attractions in Pristina, Kosovo!

On this rainy morning in Pristina, my boy Erjan from Travel Media EU and I started our day with a half-day tour of the city. We began at the Ethnographic Museum, which is located in the oldest house in the city, at over 300 years old!

Inside, you can see items from the 15th-20th centuries, including small chairs around a tiny table, pots and pans along the walls, and more. The first room we entered was a kids’ room with a crib, a couch, colorful rugs, and lots of old furniture. All of the wood here, including the ceiling and shelves, is original!

Next was a guest room. In Albanian tradition, guests were second only to God, and came even before the homeowners! This entire house functioned as a guesthouse. There were lots of tables and lots of natural light, and lots of seating. There was also a hammam, or Turkish bath. This is the only guesthouse like this that’s open to the public, as most of them were destroyed during the Communist regime.

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Roughly 20,000 visitors per year visit the Ethnographic Museum to see what life was like 300 years ago! Past the front gate is a stable.

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Back out in the city, we passed some friendly fruit and vegetable vendors in Pristina Bazaar. They had tons of peppers there, including red peppers and spicy peppers. You can also buy clothes and cigarettes, plums, and bananas. One of the vendors offered us some bananas. They were really good!

Further on, we saw some traditional hand-carved wooden cribs and then walked back toward the main boulevard. On the way, we passed through Jashari Square and then Skanderbeg Square, which is dedicated to the national museum. There’s also a statue of Mother Teresa and fountains in nearby squares. Skanderbeg’s favorite animal was the goat, so there is some artwork nearby of goats!

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This area is in the center of the city, near my hotel, the Swiss Diamond Hotel. There are also lots of snack vendors, souvenir shops, clothing shops, and there. Past the boulevard is a strip, where you’ll find Mother Teresa Cathedral.

Our Kosovo food and attractions tour of Pristina continued with a stop at a roadside vendor selling roasted chestnuts. We bought a bag for 2 Euros. They were good but really hot and mushy. You can find them throughout the Balkans. They’re so good!

The Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa is beautifully constructed with lots of marble. A number of rich families invested a lot of money to have it built. Inside, it’s massive. It dates back to 2007.

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The stained glass windows contain images from the Bible, and the pews are carved in the shapes of eagles. You can buy a candle for 20 cents to pray for someone. Just remember to be as quiet as possible there.

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From there, we walked to the National Library of Kosovo, which has been dubbed “the ugliest building in the world.” It has a unique exoskeleton on the outside and circular domes on top. I didn’t think it’s ugly—it looks pretty cool to me!

Then, it was time to eat! We headed down a boulevard lined with tons of restaurants. There are lots of qebaptore locations to Qebaptore Gjakova, where the cook inside was a master at cooking the qebap and qofte. They put the meat inside the bread with cabbage and peppers!

The qebap and qofte are the same kind of meat, but the qebap is shaped into links, while the qofte are patties. I put several pieces of both in my bread with some salt and chili powder. It was so tasty and spicy. I loved it with the pepper in it. And it only cost us 3 Euros!

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I had some yogurt to calm down the heat in my mouth. This is considered fast food in the Balkans. It’s super affordable and you can find it everywhere! After my first sandwich, I made a second one!

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What an amazing Kosovo food and attractions tour in Pristina, Kosovo! Huge thanks to my friends at Travel Media EU and Rental Car Albania for making this another epic adventure in Kosovo!

I hope you liked coming with me to try traditional Kosovo food and see the attractions in Pristina! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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