Pakistani Kabli Pulao & Dumpo!! Pakistani Street Food in Karkhano Market | Peshawar, Pakistan

As my time in northern Pakistan continued, I set out to explore more of the city of Peshawar. Come with me as I try Pakistani Kabli pulao and dumpo on an amazing Pakistani street food tour of Karkhano Market in Peshawar, Pakistan!

Karkhano Market is a massive bazaar in the country containing over 4,500 shops and vendors selling everything from electronics to fresh produce to clothing. It was established back in 1985. In the Pashto language, its name translates to “industries.” It also has a very colorful history, as smuggled goods from Afghanistan used to be funneled through the market.

Parts of the market were absolutely electric, while the more mall-like parts were much quieter. There, I saw shops selling toys, home goods, and supplies for babies.

My guide Rashid from Manaky and headed up to the second level, where there are no railings! We headed inside a cologne and perfume shop, where the friendly vendors inside served us some creamy and delicious doodh patti chai.

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The chai was very milky. I’m not a huge milk guy, but it was super tasty! They also wanted to give me more food, but I had already eaten way too much earlier in the day.

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Back outside, we passed street food vendors selling French fries, chicken stew, peanuts, and kheer.

One of the vendors let me try the kheer, which was super tasty and very sweet! It’s basically a creamy rice pudding with brown sugar and nuts!

The market really is a one-stop-shop for everything you could ever need. If I ever needed to replace my batteries or buy a wallet, I could get them there. There was also a vendor selling perfume and others making handmade ice cream, lassi, and more!

Everywhere, people wanted to take pictures with me as we passed through. Eventually, we stopped at BaBa Wali Hotel, where we’d get some pulao! They were cooking some yummy-smelling kebabs inside.

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Inside the kitchen was a massive vat of kabli pulao. They place the rice on your plate first and then top it with carrots and a mountain of meat. They have different-sized serving dishes for different-sized parties.

Then, Rashid and I went to eat traditional-style on a mat along the wall. The beef in the pulao was so tender, it practically evaporates in your mouth. I loved how moist the rice was. The carrots and raisins added a nice, sweet flavor.

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It was definitely my favorite pulao of the trip. I couldn’t get enough of it. The amount they served us was huge, but it was so good, I knew we would finish it.

Best of all, they also gave me some bone marrow. Then, I added extra carrots and raisins.

The pulao was so good, my mouth wouldn’t stop watering. It’s no wonder this is known as the best pulao in all of Peshawar!

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We finished up with some green tea with a tiny amount of milk in it. It was the perfect, healthy digestive to have after a meal!

After eating, we headed back out and found some beautiful Afghan blankets and other bedding. More vendors invited me into their shops and offered me tea. They were all so nice!

Then, we drove a few minutes toward the city center to Dumpo Khorak. There, we saw vendors selling seekh kebabs, chicken kebabs, quail, and karahi. They also sold dumpo, which is a type of pulao. This one contained carrots, raisins, and chicken. You can also add quail and fish!

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Here, you take off your shoes and can lie down. The dumpo was moist and very tasty, especially with the raisins and carrots. The chicken drumstick and thigh were crispy and juicy. This chicken was grilled, and wasn’t cooked with the rice.

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I loved it. The kabli pulao was better in my opinion, but it was still very good! What a great way to end my tour of Karkhano Market!

What an incredible kabli pulao and dumpo Pakistani street food experience in Peshawar, Pakistan! Straight up, these were some of the tastiest rice dishes I’ve ever had in my life. The flavors will blow you away and have you salivating for more!

I hope you liked coming with me on my kabli pulao and dumpo Pakistani street food experience in Peshawar, Pakistan! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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