Welcome to the Pakistan hub at David’s Been Here! Here, you will find all of my travel guides and travel episodes from my time in Pakistan. What I found blew me away and touched my heart. I will never forget the incredible, friendly people I met there and the kindness they showed me everywhere I went.

My Pakistani adventure would not have been possible without the wonderful people at Manaky. This fantastic travel marketplace offers one-of-a-kind tours and cultural experiences in Pakistan. They went out of their way and tailored the custom travel experience I wanted to have. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better!

My travels through Pakistan took me from Karachi to Lahore, with several cities in-between. I ate my way through each, trying dozens of delicious Pakistani and South Asian favorites, from common street food to more gourmet offerings. As a history lover, I also dove head-first into some of the country’s most notable historical and cultural sites.

Pakistan is a gorgeous country. It often gets a bad rap in Western media, but the people of the country are working hard to shed the negative image that has plagued Pakistan for decades. I saw no signs of the negativity that the country has been synonymous with for years. Instead, I found lovely, hospitable people with some of the most beautiful spirits I’ve ever come across.

I’ve long had a saying: “The people make the place.” Attractions and food are great, but the thing that sticks with me the most is the people. Below, please find all of my Pakistan city guides and travel episodes. I hope they inspire you to visit this incredible South Asian nation. Let’s dive into why Pakistan should be one of the next countries on your travel itinerary!

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