Pakistani Kebab Legend!! Peshawar Kebabs & Street Food Tour | Pakistan

My adventures in Pakistan continued in the city of Peshawar in the northern part of the country. While I was there, I met an amazing Pakistani kebab legend on my street food tour of Peshawar, Pakistan. Come with me on my unforgettable kebab and street food tour!

My friend and guide Rashid from Manaky and I started our evening in Saddar Market, which is a garment market where you can buy traditional hats and clothing.

I met a vendor who sells traditional wool hats from Peshawar called Pakols or Chitrali caps. They’re quite warm and are meant to fit a little tight. I’m a big advocate of buying locally-made souvenirs when I travel, so I had to buy one for myself! 

Then, we continued down the road, past vendors selling coconuts, dried fruits, garments, children’s clothing, toys, and more. Everyone there was so friendly! Everyone wanted to talk to me!

Even though I was still full from my food tour earlier in the day, we stopped at a vendor who sold pani puri and dahi Bhalla. The dahi Bhalla is a chaat that contains yogurt, potatoes, channa, and green salad.

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I loved the cucumbers, mint and tamarind chutneys, and the hint of spice. It also comes with one puri, which I stuffed with the dahi Bhalla. The crunch of the puris and the mix of textures of the chaat were excellent.

I especially loved the mint and tamarind chutneys! The vendor was so kind, he didn’t even charge me for it!

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Next, we stopped at another vendor who sells chaats with potatoes, sev, fried dough, cabbage, spices, chilies, and more. It looked phenomenal, but I was so full, I had to decline when the vendor offered it to me. The people in Pakistan are incredibly generous and friendly!

Then, we passed some strawberries and stopped in a shop where they make chapatis and pizza parathas! The pizza paratha resembled focaccia and contained tomatoes and mint.

Inside, the five guys roll out dough and put them in the tandoor. They make four different variations of bread! Then, we found a vendor selling jalebi, which is a sweet, fried dough that’s drowning in sugar syrup. It’s cloyingly sweet, but it’s also a very common snack in India!

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Next, we came across chicken roasting vertically on large spits. I had seen it in Karachi as well. It’s basically lots of barbecued chickens stacked on top of one another! It’s a pretty cool spectacle and is a common sight around Pakistan.

As we continued on, Rashid and I came across a man making chapli kebab, which is a beef patty with eggs and spices that is fried in hot oil. I had to try some! It was basically a fried burger and was full of delicious spices, onions, and vegetables!

I loved the crisp texture on the outside and the soft interior. The onions and vegetables were excellent.

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We followed that with some fresh sugarcane juice. It was so sweet and refreshing. It’s one of my favorite things to drink in India, Brazil, and at home in Miami. It only cost 100 rupees for 2 glasses.

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We continued through the market, which was full of activity. There was a little bit of everything there, from food to garments to accessories. Then, we drove 30 minutes to Jalil Restaurant & Bar-B-Q Inn.

There, they had the vertical chicken, kebabs, and more. In the back, the chef showed me how he mixes the tomatoes, eggs, and chilies into the beef and fries it. This man is a Pakistani kebab legend here in Peshawar, Pakistan!! He’s been there for 22 years!

He offered me some tasty green tea and then we went into the restaurant to dive into the jalil kebab. It came with raita mixed with mint and herbs, as well as naan. Rashid had been telling me about these kebabs all day!

The chewy naan and lightly-fried kebab felt more like a mincemeat kebab. The chilies added some heat and the tomatoes were still fresh! I also really liked the minty creaminess of the raita. It was greasy, soft, and my favorite burger of all time!

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Back outside, we got a look at the vertically-cooking chicken and the cooks making pulao. Then, I tried my hand at helping the cook make the kebabs!

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What an awesome experience meeting the Pakistani kebab legend in Peshawar, Pakistan! Huge thanks to my friends at Manaky for showing me such an incredible time. I highly recommend booking with them to have the best Pakistan travel experience!

I hope you liked coming with me to meet a Pakistani kebab legend in Peshawar, Pakistan! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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