The Ultimate Indian Haircut Compilation!!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably know what one of my favorite things to do in India is to get a haircut. The haircuts in India are next-level and typically include a wash, a shave, and an upper-body massage! We’ll dive deep into it all in this Indian haircut compilation!

My first Indian haircut experience was at N.S. Barbar Shop in Kolkata back in November of 2018. Located in Territy Bazaar, this was my formal introduction to the magic of an Indian haircut! Between my barber’s excellent blending skills and the heavenly face massage he gave me, this was an Indian haircut experience for the ages!

Just a few months later, in March of 2019, I traveled to the city of Shillong in the state of Meghalaya. There, my friend Paul took me to King City Gents Saloon in Muda Shopping Complex.

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Not only did my barber give me a fresh cut, but he also released all the tension in my face with an excellent facial massage and steam! The massage of my back, arms, shoulders, and hands was the cherry on top of the most relaxing haircut ever!

Less than two weeks later, I had my third Indian haircut experience in the historical town of Sivasagar in Assam. I got my usual skin fade, followed by a beard massage and a complete shave.

As always, I had to finish with an epic massage and this guy did not disappoint! From my eyebrows and temples to my shoulders and the back of my neck, all the tension in my body was gone by the end!

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On my first day in Trivandrum, Kerala, India in January of 2020, my friend Vishnu and I visited Mr. Barber in the city. The guy there expertly blended my haircut with scissors, gave my facial hair a nice trim, and then gave me a full wash. He finished up with a scalp and head massage that I can only describe as orgasmic!

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My final Indian haircut experience—so far—was the cut I enjoyed at Blade Barbershop near S.M. Street Bazaar in Kozhikode. My barber, Samir, had the magic touch! The skin fade was fantastic, as was the shave and the head and beard massage. It was a long, soothing massage and was easily the best head massage I’ve ever had! He even ended with a hair wash and a blow dry!

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I enjoyed this haircut on my final day in Kerala, India, and it was the perfect way to end my trip. Even though I’d been traveling non-stop for two weeks straight, I felt completely at ease and stress-free! Every haircut I’ve gotten in India makes me feel that way, which is why I love getting them!

If you want to have the ultimate haircut experience, you have to go to India. Not only are the barbers artists, but the experiences themselves are super thorough and relaxing. They’re also very inexpensive and are perfect for travelers on a budget!

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