The Ultimate Indian Haircut Experience 4.0 – Kerala Style | Trivandrum, India

My first day in Kerala, India continued in the capital city, Trivandrum. My hair and beard were starting to get long, so I decided to get another Indian haircut! Come along with me as I have my fourth ultimate Indian haircut experience in Kerala, India!

Day one in God’s Own Country was already shaping up to be an epic intro into what Kerala is all about, and it was about to get even better! My boy Vishnu and I started our afternoon in Trivandrum at Mr. Barber to get my fourth Indian haircut. These haircuts are way more than your typical trim and shave.

They’re luxurious pampering experiences that include body massages, facial massages, and some of them even crack your neck and release the tension in your hands and arms. I love them so much! There’s no other haircut on the planet like these!

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I headed inside the two-seater shop, and the barber closed his shop for us for shooting purposes. It was just the three of us. I wanted a trim up top, a trim on my beard, a skin fade on the sides, and a massage. Basically, I wanted the works!

My barber was going to take care of the dry skin on my scalp. I couldn’t wait to get rid of some of the hair on my head and face. The great thing about Indian haircuts is that they’re so relaxing. I almost fall asleep every time I get one. It takes away all the pressure on your head.

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I love getting a skin fade because it looks clean and you don’t have to get another haircut for a few weeks. Mr. Barber was really clean and air-conditioned, so it was nicer than the other barbershops I’d visited in the country. My barber had been cutting hair for 20 years! He blended with the scissors after using the clippers. My guy was meticulous as he cut every stray hair. He was amazing!

Cutting hair is an art form in India. They take a lot of pride in it. And the people in Kerala were really nice! 

Next, my barber blow dried my hair and then he added some gel to my beard and neck. It felt great. If I were getting a full shave, he would have used foam, but since I was only getting a trim, he used gel. He used the scissors at first and then trimmed it to about half an inch with the clippers. Then, he slapped on some alcohol and cleaned it up a bit and then I went for a wash!

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The guy added some water and shampoo. It was really incredible and relaxing. It was so soft and gentle. He was like a magician! Then, he dried me off and I got another blow-dry. Then, he added a type of oil serum and started massaging my scalp. It was so relaxing and relieved so much tension. It was orgasmic and lasted at least five minutes!

Then, he tapped around my head with the sides of my palms and got the base of my head and ears. It was the best! I needed to come back to this guy! Then, he cracked my neck and pounded the back of my neck. 

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I hope you liked coming with me on my fourth ultimate Indian haircut experience, this time in Kerala, India! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures!

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