Eating Flying Fish in Barbados: Rihanna’s Favorite Food

My adventures in Barbados continued in the village of Oistins, which is known for its seafood. In particular, Oistins Bay Gardens is known for its flying fish, which is a favorite of many locals, including Rihanna herself!

At Oistins Bay Gardens, you’ll find lots of food vendors selling lots of different types of seafood, including swordfish, tuna, marlin, mahi mahi, lobster, and flying fish. It’s an extremely popular hotspot on Friday nights, when they have music and huge crowds. It’s like a huge party!

What Does Flying Fish Taste Like?

Flying fish with macaroni pie and macaroni salad in Oistins, Barbados | Davidsbeenhere

My guides Craig and Nerissa and I ordered some grilled flying fish for 40 BBD/$20 USD at Pat’s Place, as well as swordfish (35 BBD/$17.50 USD) and mahi mahi (35 BBD/$17.50 USD). So our meal came to about $55 USD total.

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It cooked up so fast on the grill. The filets were beautiful. There’s an outdoor seating area where we could eat our food.

The flying fish were small but full of amazing flavor. I loved the fresh, grilled flavor, and the macaroni pie underneath was excellent. It was hot, while the macaroni salad on the side was cold. It was the perfect contrast! 

I tried it with some glazy mustard and tartar sauce. The tartar sauce had a sweetness to it, while the mustard was a little spicy! It was like a peppery glaze. Next, I tried it with some of my David’s Been Here hot sauce.

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Craig’s mahi mahi was also excellent, and Nerissa’s swordfish had almost been blackened. It was great and contained almost no bones. I loved my sauce on it. I loved mixing and matching the different fish dishes with the macaroni pie and the macaroni salad!

Exploring Belinda Cox Fish Market

Carved wooden crafts at Belinda Fish Market | Davidsbeenhere

After we finished eating, we saw some bars and walked to Berinda Cox Fish Market. There were also some vendors selling wood crafts. At the end were men butchering fish including marlin, trigger fish, mahi mahi, and red snapper. They had a four-foot-long mahi mahi!

Nearby is the Atlantic Ocean, but we walked back to near where we started to grab a drink at Annie’s BBQ & Grill. We got rum & ginger ale, which was smooth and refreshing. It was perfect after the hearty fish and macaroni! 

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