Barbados Street Food at Night in Bridgetown

As sundown approached on another day in Barbados, my good friends and I decided to go on a nighttime Barbados street food tour of Baxter’s Road in the capital city, Bridgetown!

My friends and guides Craig and Nerissa took me to this area, which is known for doing fish fries. so I couldn’t wait to have some. We saw a woman who makes some of the best fried fish on the road.

Fried Fish – Barbados Street Food Vendor

A styrofoam container of fried marlin in Bridgetown, Barbados | Davidsbeenhere

She was frying up some marlin, which looked super fresh. It really looked amazing. She can also add fries, breadfruit chips, sweet potatoes, and plantain to round out the meal.

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We had three different sauces, including pepper sauce and tartar sauce. The tartar sauce was excellent and had a kick but wasn’t too spicy. Meanwhile, the marlin was juicy and tender and lightly fried, and had some delicious spices on it. The bones were even easy to chew through! We also had some fresh coleslaw.

It came to 15 BBD, or roughly $7.50 USD for three pieces of marlin. What a deal! Then, we walked down the street, past another vendor selling kingfish, and headed to Bryan’s Bakery to have some cutters.

Cutter Sandwiches: A Staple in Barbados Cuisine

A liver cutter sandwich is a popular Barbados street food | Davidsbeenhere

Cutters are sandwiches made from large, fluffy buns that look like giant hot dog buns. You can fill them with a number of meats, including liver! My liver cutter was amazing, full of flavor, and a little spicy. I loved it!

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Then, we drove to a spot in town where they roast corn on the street on the side of the highway, but they weren’t there. Roadside corn roasters are a dying art in Barbados, unfortunately, as the number of people who do it has dwindled in recent years.

A woman grilling Barbados street food in Bridgetown | Davidsbeenhere

So instead, we headed over to Gap Burger, a local spot that sells burgers, hot dogs, pig tails, fish sandwiches, jerk chicken, spare ribs, and more! Craig told me I had to try a burger and the pig tails, which are a Bajan staple! We got two burgers and the pig tails, which came to 36 BBD/$18 USD.

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We set up right on the truck of the car. The Gap Burger was like a small slider. It wasn’t my favorite beef patty, but I liked everything else in it, including the onions, cheese, and coleslaw. I added some of my David’s Been Here sauce to give it a spicy, tropical tang!

Then, we jumped on the pig tail. I was going to have it in Trinidad and Tobago, but they were always out every time I tried to get one. It was very fatty and meaty, and the sauce on it had a nice sweetness to it. It was similar to eating sweet baby  back ribs!

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