Authentic Barbados Haircut Experience on Front Porch!

My adventures in Barbados continued the next morning with an unforgettable Barbados haircut experience right on someone’s front porch!

I always get haircuts everywhere I travel, and the experiences are always different depending on the country and the people. This time, my friend Craig hooked me up with his boy Corey, who’d be giving me a fresh cut, a shave, and a massage!

Full Barbados Haircut Experience

David Hoffmann getting a quick Barbados haircut from a local barber | Davidsbeenhere

This was my first time having a front yard haircut. I wanted him to give me a full shave on my head and trim my beard. I’d been letting my hair grow for a few days. I’ve been balding for a few years now, so I love a clean shave.

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Haircuts are always relaxing for me. I can practically fall asleep during them! After Corey finished my head, he got to work on trimming and lining up my beard. I loved how the clippers vibrated my head!

Next, Corey got my neck. I told him that I was considering getting my neck and cheeks lasered so I never have to shave them again.

The Massage

David Hoffmann getting an intense stretch during his haircut and massage | Davidsbeenhere

Then, he started massaging my shoulders and the back of my neck. I immediately felt my stress levels drop. It was so relaxing!

Then, I got down on the floor so he could crack my back. It felt so good! If you’re ever on the island and need a Barbados haircut or a massage, give Corey a call (288-0962) or hit him up on his Instagram!

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