Kentucky Fried Chicken in Trinidad!! Best Chicken in the Caribbean?

After arriving back in Port of Spain to finish my epic trip through Trinidad and Tobago, I did something I’d been told I needed to do from the very beginning…eat some Trinidadian KFC! Come with me as I experience Trinidadian fried chicken at KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken in Port of Spain, Trinidad!

Many consider KFC in Trinidad to be the tastiest KFC on Earth, so I was excited to try it out! There are 16 locations in total on the island. There, I met their marketing manager, Jillian, who would let me try their famous chicken!

Inside Kentucky Fried Chicken in Trinidad

The interior of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on the island of Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

Inside, it looks like a typical KFC, but they do something different here: all of their chicken is fresh, never frozen.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken uses 11 special herbs and spices in their original recipe. In the kitchen, I watched them flour and fry some original chicken. It fries in the pressure fryer for 16 minutes and it’s ready to go!

Then, I saw them make some spicy breading mix with 25 pounds of flour and their spice mixture. The flour looks more yellow once they combine the spices. Then, they add the chicken to it!

They have making the chicken down to a science! Depending on what you order, it’s cooked for a certain number of minutes and dredged a certain number of times. That way, no matter what you order, it comes out perfect every time!

Trying Trinidadian Kentucky Fried Chicken

Trinidadian fried chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Port of Spain, Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

We got an order of their original Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe, as well as the hot and spicy, which is what the KFC in Trinidad is known for. The original with 11 herbs and spices was juicy and crispy. I loved the crispiness of the batter. It’s the same recipe everywhere!

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I had some pepper sauce with it, which was glazy and hot, but not unbearable.

Then, we jumped on the hot & spicy, which also had a doable level of spice. The pepper sauce was hotter, for sure. It was a spicier version of the original!

Then, Jillian mixed together some ketchup, mustard, and pepper sauce, which was amazing together with the chicken. What a combination of sweetness and heat! The ketchup was different from the ketchup in the U.S. It was sweeter!

The Side Dishes

David Hoffmann and his friend Jillian enjoy some fresh, fluffy buttermilk biscuits at KFC in Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

Next, we got some fries, corn on the cob, buttermilk biscuits, and Trini coleslaw. They’re all the staples you need at Kentucky Fried Chicken! I started with the biscuit, which was brown and crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. They finished it with some butter!

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The fries had a crispy exterior and the perfect amount of salt. They were fantastic in the sauce mixture. Then, I tried some of the Trini coleslaw on the biscuit. I loved the hot biscuit with the cold and crunchy coleslaw. It wasn’t too wet or too dry.

The corn on the cob was super buttery and very tasty. It was delicious!

The Zinger Chicken Sandwich

The Zinger sandwich is a crispy, fried chicken sandwich that originated at KFC locations in Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

Next, they brought us the Zinger, a chicken sandwich made with a spicy fried white meat filet, mayo, and lettuce. I liked that it didn’t have tomato on it, which makes the sandwich soggy. I liked adding more coleslaw onto it!

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The Zinger first came about in Trinidad and Tobago in 1984, and it’s now available in over 100 KFCs around the world! I loved the light amount of mayo and lettuce. Adding the pepper sauce was amazing, too!

Then, Jillian gave me a Kentucky Fried Chicken Carnival sweatshirt with a bucket with a steel pan on top.

Finally, we finished with a scorching hot, sweet apple pie! It was straight out of the fryer but was flaky with a gooey interior.

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