Crossing the Border into El Salvador

David’s Been Here presents its first Unplugged episode in the Central American country of El Salvador. Crossing the border from his tour through Guatemala, David drives 3 hours east to embark on his 9-day journey in this beautiful, culturally rich country. Meeting up with his new crew, they cross over La Paz Bridge, officially bringing them into El Salvador.
 Kicking off the tour, DBH heads into Santa Ana, one of the largest cities in the country, where he tastes some local food and brew at El Patio Restaurant.

From here the crew continues on with their unforgettable journey, bringing all the best sites, activities and experiences that the country has to offer. Follow DBH El Salvador Unplugged here, and check out the DBH Guide to El Salvador for everything you need to know about visiting this amazing country. Now available for your Kindle as well.

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  1. I have been watching all ur vids from El Salvador with my family. They are so impressed with ur Spanish! I love how openminded you are and love seeing u try all beers and the pupusas!! Curious, where in the states do u live? We live in the DC area and here the majority of Hispanic folks are Salvadorean.

    • Hi Tere,
      Thanks for dropping by! So glad you like the videos from El Salvador. I live in Miami, Florida. My parents were raised in Venezuela. Thanks again for watching 🙂

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