Best Castles to Visit in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not a country famous for its castles, but this is quite a shame because it houses a few fascinating medieval castles. However, many of them are in ruins and only a few are still standing proud like they did in the past, but that doesn’t keep people from visiting them and discovering the medieval tale of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’ve done a little research and these are the best castles to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina:


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The Bobovac castle is one of the best preserved fortifications in Medieval Bosnia, a castle built on a steep terraced rock on the south slopes of the Dragosvke and Mijakovske Mountains, in the vicinity of Vareš town.

The fortress was built in the 14th century during the rule of Stjepan II Kotromanic and was the seat of most of the Bosnian rulers, until the town was conquered by Turks in 1463.

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Due to its location, Bobovac was the best fortified town in Bosnia. The crown of Bosnian Kings was kept inside the Bobovac Castle, and three kings were buried in the Bobovac Chapel. After the Turkish conquests, the castle was mostly destroyed. The Turks stayed here until 1626, when the place was abandoned.


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Počitelj is a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina that managed to keep its Oriental charm and is one of the most picturesque medieval settlements in the country. It is situated on the left bank of Nertva River, about 30 minutes from Mostar. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses a fortress that dates back to 1383. The fortress was built by the Bosnian King Stjepan Tvrtko.

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During the 15th and 16th centuries, the town was under Ottoman ruling, and that’s why many of its features remind visitors of the Oriental-Mediterranean style. Počitelj was under the Ottoman Empire until 1878 and since then it lost its strategic importance but not its charm.

Many artists come here inspired by beautiful sceneries dominated by pomegranates and figs which grow on the town’s hills. The town houses the longest operating art colony in the southeast Europe since 1964.



Travnik is a city situated 90 km from Sarajevo, at the altitude of 514 meters, on the Lasva River. From 1697 to 1850 this city was the capital of the governors of Bosnia and an important city on the country’s map. Like most of the towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Travnik too is home to a medieval castle that overlooks the settlement. The Old Fort was built in the 15th century and is one of the best preserved and beautiful castles in Bosnia.

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Historians can’t be sure about its founder, but it is believed that the castle was built by the King Tvrtko II Kotromanićor King Stjepan Dabiša. Another beautiful monument in the city is Yeni Mosque, a building dating back to 1549, which is also the oldest monument from the Turkish reign. However, the most visited Turkish structure is the Suleymani Mosque.



Jajce is also known as the city of “Stone, Water and Light”, a beautiful location situated at the crossroads between Banja Luka, Mrkonjic Grad and Donji Vakuf, and at the confluence of the gorgeous Pliva and Vrbas Rivers. These two rivers form a fabulous 20-meter high waterfall, the reason that Jajce is famous all over the world. The Old Town of the city is also an attraction for tourists due to its beautiful buildings which are considered national monuments.

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Jajce fortress was built around the 14th century, covering an area of 11,200 m2 and 1,300 meters long walls. It was built by Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić, the founder of the town, and became the seat of Bosnian kings. In 1528, Jajce was the last Bosnian town to fell to the Ottoman rule.


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Although it’s one of the oldest castles in Srebenik, dating back to 1333, Srebenik castle is the best preserved one. The castle is situated on the outskirts of the town with the same name, situated in the northern part of the country, near Tuzla, the third largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Srebenik castle was inhabited by Stjepan Kortomanić, the Ban of Bosnia, until his death, in 1353.


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  1. Great list. I would add also Ostrožac castle, it’s probably the most beautiful in Bosnia. “Tvrđava Hercega Stjepana Kosače” is also nice one.

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