American Travels to Chennai on SpiceJet + Trying Tamil Samosa (BLR – MAA)

After forty-eight hours in Bengaluru, our time in this amazing southern Indian city was coming to an end. But there were exciting adventures in Chennai on the horizon! Come along with me and Sam as we make the journey to our next city in India. Watch as this American travels to Chennai, India on SpiceJet and tries a Tamil samosa!

Our travel journey from our Airbnb began with a 50-minute Uber ride to the Bengaluru airport. We started at four o’clock on a Monday morning. It’s the third-busiest airport in India behind Mumbai and Delhi and first opened in 2008. We arrived at the airport around five (over two hours before our flight) with probably a few thousand other travelers!

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With our passports and printed tickets ready, we breezed through and got upgraded to premium for 600 rupees. Premium included a hot meal on the 55-minute flight and seats near the front. We also wouldn’t have to wait for our luggage at the baggage claim in Chennai.

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The airport was nice and modern. Sam bought a cappuccino and a white chocolate glazed doughnut while I bought a strong Karnataka iced coffee. While we relaxed and ate, we took some time to recap our Bengaluru experiences with our amazing guides Anashwara and Abshishek and talk about the pros and cons of the city.

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Our flight time crept up on us and we rushed to catch our flight. It was on a small plane, which I personally don’t like because you can feel all of the turbulence in them. We got our hot meal – a pair of cucumber, tomato, and cheese sandwiches, as well as a lychee pani for Sam and a nimbu (or lemon) pani for me. The sandwiches weren’t that good and came slathered with Mayo, but we were starving, so they would do.

We only spent about 25 minutes in the air and then we were in Chennai! The flight was surprisingly smooth considering our small plane. The Chennai airport was bright and colorful and was a nice welcome to the city. What wasn’t a great welcome was the blistering, humid heat, which slapped us in the face the moment we walked outside even though it was only 8:45 in the morning!

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While we waited for the Uber XL we requested, I had a hot, earthy, and aromatic filtered coffee with no milk and a lot of sugar and a pair of vegetarian Tamil samosas, which are large pockets of fried dough with a vegetable filling. These had lentils and potatoes inside and they were phenomenal! They were a little spicy, heat-wise, and contained lots of spices as well.

After a little confusion following a few Uber XLs that cancelled on me, we finally got a ride to our Airbnb, which took about forty minutes due to a huge traffic jam, but that’s India for you! But we finally arrived just in time to start an adventure-filled day in Chennai!

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