Eating Indian Food at an Assamese Dhaba – Pork, Mutton & Fish | Guwahati, Assam, India

After spending an incredible day exploring Manas National Park in northeast India, it was time for me and my friends to head back to Guwahati. On our way back to the city, we stopped by the Prince Dhaba & Family Restaurant along the side of the road to get some dinner. Come along with me on my latest adventure: eating Indian food at an Assamese dhaba!

Dhabas are roadside restaurants that can be found all over India. They usually have a wide mix of cuisines from around India because they cater to truck drivers who come from all over the country. Whether you’re looking for Assamese, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Andhra, or any other type of Indian cuisine, you can usually find it at a dhaba.

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Instead of eating Indian food inside the restaurant, we decided to eat one of the nearby huts. I started with a Kingfisher strong beer as the rain poured outside. The beer was nice. I liked it better than the original version! We went with a mix of foods: mutton, fish, chicken, rice, and more. I was game for anything! Their menu was massive, so there was a lot to choose from!

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We lost power due to the rain, but that didn’t stop me from filming! I first tried an onion pakora, which was crunchy and juicy and filled with delicious spices. The onion popped in my mouth and it went really well with my beer. It was an amazing appetizer!

Luckily, the lights came back on in time for our main dishes! The first dish I dug into was the mixed veg, which contained paneer, potatoes, green beans, and a nice curry. The curry was unreal! Next was the dal, which was delicious and kind of soupy. I love lentils!

Next, I went with the dry fry with green chilies, which had lots of vegetables in it. It tasted like it had a lot of Chinese influences in it.

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The pork was tender and tasty, and quite fatty and juicy. It’s hard to find pork in India, but it’s fairly common in Assam and Meghalaya. I loved it.

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Then I went with the mutton, which was bathed in an insanely rich-looking curry. I had it with some chapati and it blew my mind. Dishes like this is why I love coming to India! The goat meat was absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t get enough of it!

Up next was a local fish curry that came from a pond nearby. It came in a nice, thick gravy. I made sure to pull it apart slowly with my forks so I could get rid of all of the bones and spines. It was super light and sweet and the gravy was out of this world.

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I was kind of nervous to continue eating the fish because of all of the bones, so I moved on to the Maharashtra Chicken, which has some egg in it. I used my spoon and fork to get rid of the bones and break up the meat a bit. It was so tasty and the curry was sensational. I could tell it was super fresh. It fell apart in my mouth! Eating Indian food is one of my all-time favorite things to do, and meals like this is why!

Our meal came to 1,309 rupees, or roughly $20.10 U.S. What a deal for this much incredible food!

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After our meal, we continued toward Guwahati. Along the way, I learned that Assam is the largest and only producer of oil in India. The town where the oil is produced is one of the richest towns in India!

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After I arrived back in Guwahati, I had to try to get five hours of sleep because in the morning, I’d be heading off to Shillong in the state of Meghalaya!

I hope you guys enjoyed coming along with me and my friends to dinner at an Assamese dhaba and accompanying us back to Guwahati! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. And please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming travel/food content!

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