Flying Qatar Airways to Armenia – The Best Economy Class in the World! | Miami to Yerevan

In late September of 2019, I set off to my 75th country, Armenia. This landlocked country in the South Caucasus region of western Asia is a gold mine when it comes to historical sites, culture, amazing food, and their world-famous wine. I’d been wanting to go there forever and I was super excited to finally get the chance. Then, after 10 days in Armenia, I’d have a 48-hour layover in Kuwait! Come along with me as I review Qatar Airways, who have the best economy class in the world, on my way to Armenia! Let’s fly to the Armenian capital of Yerevan!

I started off my adventure at Miami International Airport, which has pretty much become my second home! I had a 14-hour flight from Miami to Doha, Qatar on Qatar Airways and have a 4-hour layover there. Then I’d fly another 3 hours to Yerevan, Armenia’s capital and largest city. I had a 21-hour travel day ahead of me!

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First, I had to get to Terminal E and Gate E23. I boarded my flight and took off in our Airbus 350. It has a 3-3-3 configuration and amazing TVs. They have infinite entertainment and a lot of legroom! I had the window and my new friend had the aisle seat, and we got lucky because there was no one between us!

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They also give you a packet containing an eye mask, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and socks. You also get a blanket!

My flight was actually 13 hours long, but they said 14 to add some buffer time. On Qatar Airways you also get a menu with dinner, brunch, and drinks. If you travel Economy Class, get a seat in the back because they serve the back first, so there’s less chance of the thing you want being sold out. My friend has Gold Priority with Qatar Airways, so they serve him first!

I ordered the chicken biryani. It was really good and different, and a little crispy. It was delicious! I loved the crispy onions on top and the raisins added a sweetness. It also came with chickpeas, which also contained onions and red peppers. Qatar Airways always has quality food! I’m telling you, when you take Qatar Airways to Armenia or anywhere else, you’ll see that they have the best economy class in the world!

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I had a cognac and talked with my new friend for a while. They had all 23 MCU movies, but I went with Men In Black International and then slept for 7 hours! We were 2 hours from Doha. I had some coffee and paneer bhurji with rice and vegetables for breakfast. It was so fire! I also had orange juice and a Kit Kat bar.

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth before we landed. The flight was perfect and had no turbulence. In the Doha airport, I wanted to get into the Business Class lounge. My buddy was able to bring a guest with him, so he took me! This was the second-best lounge there. It costs $69 for six hours there. It had a nice, open space and three sections where you can relax, eat, sleep, and do work. They have unlimited food and drinks. You can even take a shower!

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I got some tabbouleh, hummus, and chicken salad. The chicken was minced and the vegetables were very refreshing. I love tabbouleh! The best thing to do is mix it with the hummus, which was so good! I also had some great red wine with it. The service was amazing!

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This was a longer layover at 4 hours. Usually, mine are 2-3 hours, max. With 20 minutes until I had to board, I passed the famous teddy bear lamp to my gate. It was super humid in Qatar. I wished I was flying business class. It looked epic!

We flew on an Airbus A320 with a 3-3 configuration. This flight also had every MCU movie onboard! My new friend from Armenia had only seen one MCU film!

For dinner, I ordered lamb stew with mashed potatoes, peas, and carrots. The lamb was so buttery and creamy! The mashed potatoes were also really creamy and tasty. There was also a refreshing potato salad with onion and corn. I loved it! My friend let me try her dish, which was the Qatari version of biryani. It was amazing! I loved the spices and chicken!

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Then, we landed in Armenia after a smooth, 3-hour flight. I grabbed my bags and met my driver. I went straight to an ATM and pulled out cash. It’s the best way to get the best exchange rate. I pulled out $200 worth of Armenian Dram, but I could use credit cards anywhere in the country.

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As we drove to the hotel, we passed a huge bottle of wine by the road. I was super excited, but it was 1:30 in the morning, so I needed to sleep. But I couldn’t wait to start exploring tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed flying Qatar Airways to Armenia with me and traveling in the best Economy Class in the world! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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