Welcome to the Armenia hub at David’s Been Here! In late September and early October of 2019, I traveled there for the first time. This landlocked country is located in Eurasia’s South Caucasus region. The Caucasus region straddles the boundary between Europe and Asia. Few countries have taken hold of my heart the way this beautiful nation did. From the moment I landed in the capital, Yerevan, I was greeted with beaming smiles and warm hugs. And by the time I left a week and a half later, I felt like I had gained a new family.

I spent that week and a half on a life-changing road trip that took me around nearly the entire country. During my trip, I toured towns and cities like Etchmiadzin, Geghard, Garni, and Tatev. I learned about Armenia’s early days as a pagan nation, to Armenia becoming the first country in the world to convert to Christianity in 301 A.D. I also explored its mouthwatering cuisine and wine culture!

Below, you’ll find all of my Armenia city guides and travel episodes. On the right, you can also search for them by city if you prefer. I hope you find them entertaining and that they help you plan your trip to Armenia!

If you’re looking for tour companies to work with, I highly recommend Armenia Travel, who made my entire trip an enjoyable experience. Also, if you want a knowledgeable guide, contact my friend Lusine, who showed me around for the majority of my trip.

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