Home Cooked Albanian Dinner at Local Family’s Home | Shkodër, Albania

After spending a good chunk of my fifth day in Albania exploring Theth National Park, I returned to my accommodations in Shkodër for a delicious dinner! Join me as I enjoy a home-cooked Albanian dinner at a local family’s home in Shkodër, Albania!

My evening began at Kevin Home Guesthouse in Shkodër, which are run by Andy from Travel Albanian Alps and his wife. Shkodër is the gateway to the Albanian Alps and is the culture capital of northern Albania. After a whirlwind 48 hours, my time in the Shkodër area was coming to an end. I decided to just take it easy that night and enjoy a delicious homecooked dinner with homemade rakija!

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In the kitchen, she was making some typical Albanian fried rice. To her right, she had boiled some water with some herbs and butter, which she then added to the rice ten minutes later. She then lets the rice boil in the water. We’d also have fried cheese, cevap, and boiled eggs. They also made some yogurt, which was as fresh as it can get!

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At Kevin Home Guesthouse, they have 4 rooms. One has a queen-sized bed, while the other three have three twin beds each. In the backyard is the bar/kitchen and garden, where you can camp in a tent for only €5 per night! The rooms upstairs start at €12 per night, and the double room is €24. Breakfast is included in everything, but everything after the first drink is extra.

I couldn’t wait to try more Albanian food! Back in the bar/kitchen, Andy’s wife was tending to the fried rice. The fried rice and pork cevap smelled so good! Once the rice, cevap, and eggs were finished, she began frying up some cheese! I’d also have some of the yogurt with everything.

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They set up a table for me and put some rakija in a pot called an ibrik so I could serve myself. Then, it was time to dig in to my home-cooked Albanian dinner in Shkodër, Albania!

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The hard-boiled eggs come from the milkman’s farm, so they’re fresh. I loved the yogurt, too. The fried rice was so different but really yummy. It was soft and thick. Then, I added some yogurt to it, which was so good! The yogurt was like the softest cheese ever.

The boiled eggs were simple but really good. Everything had been produced that day! Next was the cheese, which I loved! It was so fantastic. The cevap didn’t have the smoky taste I was used to because it wasn’t cooked on a grill, but it was still great. It went really well with the fresh cheese. Then, I started mixing everything to taste all the different flavor and texture combinations!

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Finally, I tried some pickled tomatoes, which are made with just tomatoes, warm water, and salt that brine for two weeks. They were moist, crunchy, and super juicy! Then, as it got later, I went all out with everything. The rice, yogurt, and cevap was a winning combination!

Then, Andy joined me for a post-dinner drink. I had rakija; he had wine. What an awesome way to end my day and my time in Shkodër! If you come here, I suggest doing at least 3 nights so you can explore Theth and Valbona thoroughly, which will only cost you €119 per person for three days!

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Huge thanks to everyone at Travel Albanian Alps, Balkan Pearls Tour Operator, and Rental Car Albania for making these adventures possible!

I hope you liked coming with me to have a home-cooked Albanian dinner at a local family’s home in Shkodër, Albania! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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