Authentic Albanian Farm Experience!! Farm to Table Food at Nano Resort & BioFood | Daias, Albania

Day 7 of my epic trip through Albania began in the village of Daias, where I visited an incredible farm outside of the capital, Tirana. Join me as I have an authentic Albanian farm experience, complete with farm-to-table food, at Nano Resort & BioFood in Daias, Albania!

My day began with a drive from Lezhë to the village of Daias, which is located just 25 minutes southeast of Tirana. I was on my way to Berat, but stopped by to have an amazing Albanian farm experience at Nano Resort & BioFood in Daias, Albania and meet up with my guide for the rest of my trip, Erjan from Travel Media EU!

This area is gorgeous! There are lots of green hills there. I couldn’t wait to check it out! The walkway leading to the resort is lined with vines, trees, and plants, and the entryway is a heart-shaped shrub. As soon as you enter, there is a huge terrace with lots of wooden tables. They make homemade wines, jams, and rakijas there!

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They produce everything they serve at Nano Resort & BioFood. They have lots of chickens and cows. You can eat right in the garden, on little cushions and rugs set up at tables right on the ground. It’s a very relaxing and cozy setting!

As we explored the grounds, I saw a deer as well as some of their ducks. Then, we headed into the chicken and turkey pen to get some eggs. They had only laid one egg so far! Then, we visited the goat and cow stable. They have some baby goats there as well. I got to watch one of the workers milk one of the goats! The goats were a little nervous that I was there, so I kept my distance.

Next are more goats, some juvenile goats, and five cows. One of the cows was a calf, so I didn’t want to get too close since cow moms can get aggressive. I watched a woman milking a cow. This is how they get their amazing milk, cream, and cheese! Everything is produced fresh daily.

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Next, we saw the grapevines. They make wine and rakija from them. The grapes would be ready in about a month! Then, we visited the duck enclosure. The surrounding landscape reminded me of Tuscany, Italy! From there, we went to pick some oblong-shaped tomatoes for our breakfast!

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Inside the kitchen, we watched a cook make our eggs. Back at our table, we had the eggs and a beautiful wooden board with tomatoes, salami, cheese, butter, marmalades, olives, bread, and an 18-year-old smooth and smoky rakija. It was strong and almost tasted like bourbon. I also had some hot milk!

The eggs were super fresh. I loved the olive oil in them, which also is made on the farm. The bread was nice and fluffy, and we also had some petula, which is an Albanian donut. I loved it with the peach jam! The crispy, fried dough paired so well with the sweet, fruity jam.

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The salty goat cheese was nice, as were the fresh olives. I also tried the petulla with some sweet pomodorini jam made from tomatoes! It was nice, simple, but filling breakfast! We ended with more rakija and some watermelon. The watermelon was sweet and moist and the rakija woke me up!

I met Miti from the resort and then we began our two-hour drive to the medieval town of Berat! Along the way, the highway goes through valleys, mountains, and farmland. We passed through a tunnel and the city of Elbasan and stopped in Belsh, where there are 84 natural lakes. Along this one is a small boardwalk and pier. There are also restaurants and bars nearby. We also saw vendors selling produce including pears, onions, peaches, and watermelons.

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Belsh was a nice surprise! It’s a great place to stop and relax. Then, we continued on to Berat! It’s a UNESCO World Heritage City that is known for its old Ottoman village, which is said to have 1,000 windows! Huge thanks to my friends at Travel Media EU, Balkan Pearls Tour Operator, and Rental Car Albania for making this part of my trip such an epic experience!


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