Amazing Albanian Farm Life!! Making Lakror & Petulla at Farma Sotira | Leskovik, Albania

Day 10 in Albania for me began at an incredible farm called Farma Sotira in Leskovik, Albania. Join me as I experience Albanian farm life and make lakror and petulla at Farma Sortira in Leskovik, Albania!

Farma Sotira is located in the mountains of southeastern Albania, near the border with Greece. It’s located 90 minutes from the city of Korçë, between Korçë and Përmet. It’s the perfect place to stop between the two to enjoy nature and grab a bite to eat! I couldn’t wait to have breakfast on the farm and explore it!

My boy Erjan from Travel Media EU and I met Nida from Farma Sotira at the fish farm area of their property. There, you can order fish like trout from there! They also have pigs, horses, chickens, and duck on the property. There are some bridges over the water, as well as two dining areas. The people who stay there can eat breakfast in a little open-air cottage.

We ate in a different open-air cottage and began with some coffee. After watching some of the workers rescue some ducks that fell into the water (it’s too cold for them), I headed into the kitchen to watch them make petulla, which is a type of fried dough. I watched a woman mix the dough with her hands and fry it up while I tried some fresh cheese.

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These were medium-sized petulla, which you can eat with marmalade or honey. I tried some with some honey, which was unreal! It was doughy but crispy and not too golden brown. The honey was too delicious!

We moved to a small gazebo in a beautiful picnic area on the property. There were lots of ducks around us. It was great to be among nature. Our breakfast consisted of petulla, eggs, butter, marmalade, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, cherry juice, bread, and more! The juice was so fresh! We also had some super strong rakija that tasted a lot like grappa!

I started with more petulla with honey, which was unbelievable. I loved the honeycomb, which was the best part. The honey also paired well with the cheese, and the eggs taste so fresh because they had been laid that morning. You have to try this breakfast at Farma Sotira when you pass through Leskovik, Albania. Everything was so simple and healthy! What a relaxing and enjoyable experience. If you come to Farma Sortira, you can also stay there overnight!

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After breakfast, we went on a horseback ride. I picked a hat to wear on our 30-minute ride. We only rode for half and hour due to time constraints, but you can also go for an hour, two hours, and even 5 days!

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As we started our ride, I could see some of the cottages and some sheep and shepherds in the distance. The ride started out as a moderate uphill climb. I love riding horses! After 15 minutes, we turned around and followed a stream, and then my horse picked up some speed! He was excited to get back to the farm! What an experience!

Then, it was time to see how they make lakror! I got to see them fish for a bit and visited the butcher, who was butchering some lamb. He took the lamb to a huge pot and put some embers underneath. Meanwhile, a woman rolled some dough super thin to make the lakror!

Back at the fish farm, they caught some fish for us. The guy cleaned it, salted it, and threw it on the grill. Five minutes later, it was ready! While everything cooked, we toured the farm! They make 90% of what they serve, but they occasionally buy more because of the number of tourists they get. We saw the ducks and pigs. It was an authentic look into Albanian farm life!

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Then, we visited their family bungalow, which has two rooms, one with a double bed and one with two twin beds. It was very simple and rustic with a modern bathroom. There’s also a gorgeous view. The mountain view was so beautiful!

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Then, it was time to eat! They baked us some bread. Then, we tried the trout, which was roasted with soft, tender meat. The lakror is a type of baked pie that contained eggs, butter, yogurt, cheese, and olive oil. It’s baked over a fire with a hot lid on top with embers put on top! Erjan says it’s tastier than byrek!

We tried the lamb directly from the pot, which was unreal. It was really hot but so juicy and fatty! We also had some chicken with a pasta called petka. It was tender and juicy, and the petka was like a soft, buttery tagliatelle. What a winning combination! We also had white shesh wine and red mavrud wine from the area. The white was really good, and the red was also fantastic!

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Next was the qumeshtor, or Albanian milk pie. It was sweet, creamy, and a little charred on top. I loved it! It reminded me of flan! The lakror was so cheesy and milky, and the butter was amazing, too! It was sweet, crispy, and creamy. It was like the best byrek ever!

What an awesome experience! One of my favorites so far in Albania! When you’re in southeastern Albania, you have to visit Farma Sotira in Leskovik, Albania! Huge thanks to my friends at Travel Media EU, Balkan Pearls Tour Operator, and Rental Car Albania for making this adventure possible!

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I hope you liked coming with me to Farma Sotira in Leskovik, Albania! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below! Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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