VIDEO: Brazilian Street Food in Florianopolis!! Shrimp, Oysters & Hot Dog | Florianopolis, Brazil

With my first full day in Florianopolis, Brazil winding down, I headed out on a mouthwatering Brazilian street food tour for dinner! Join me as I try some incredible Brazilian street food, including shrimp, oysters, and a hot dog, in Florianopolis, Brazil!

My evening began at Pitangueiras Resturant in the northern part of Florianopolis with my friends Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. Florianopolis is also known as Isla Magica, or Magic Island, and is the party capital of Brazil.

This area is about a 40-minute drive from the center of the city. The island itself is huge, and you need at least 48 hours to explore it fully. But for now, it was time to eat some seafood!

The restaurant stands on a cliff overlooking a virgin fishermen’s beach. It’s beautiful and has a terrace right out on the water. Out in the water is an oyster farm, and further across the water are the skyscrapers of Florianopolis!

Inside, they sell at least a dozen varieties of cachaça. I tried one that was strong but sweet! We ordered a dozen oysters, which I watched them shuck in the kitchen. The town, Sambaqui, also has its own brewery called Cerveza Samgaqui. It was a fruity and slightly bitter IPA. I loved the crafty taste and the fact that it wasn’t too hoppy.

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Then, our mussels, raw oysters, and fried shrimp arrived with a creamy aioli. The shrimp were crispy and tasty. Then, we jumped on the mussels, which were massive! They were outstanding with a squeeze of lime. It had a briny, seaweed-like taste!

Next were the oysters with a squeeze of lime. They were so juicy! Then, I added some tabasco before we really dove into our feast. Even though the shrimp were fried, they were so fresh! I loved the crunch with the aioli, and I couldn’t get enough of the oysters or mussels. Some of the mussels contained seaweed, which I didn’t like. But everything else was unreal!

Inside the restaurant is a map of Florianopolis. I could see Sambaqui on the northern end and where we were staying at the Hotel Intercity Florianopolis in the city.

Then, we drove through a really local, quiet area that was super gorgeous. We passed lots of beaches. We eventually headed back to the central part of the island, past lots of forests, to get hot dogs at Hot Dog Du Piru on the mainland. It’s the most famous hot dog in Florianopolis!

Our drive was long, as the island is huge. Hot Dog Du Piru has been in business since 1993 and has 8 locations. I ordered a hot dog with everything on it, which includes cabbage, special sauce, corn, mayo, cheese, tomatoes, green peas, fritas, garlic, herbs, and more. It’s Santa Catarina-style!

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After watching them build the hot dogs in their kitchen, it was time to eat. The place was super busy!

My hot dog was massive. I loved the white cheese, the corn, mayo, and fritas together. I don’t love hot dogs, but this was delicious. It was messy and started falling apart on me, but I couldn’t stop eating it!

It was crunchy and creamy with a fluffy bun and was very different from the ones I’d had in Curitiba and São Paulo. It was lighter than the one in Curitiba, which was covered in mashed potatoes! I loved the addition of cabbage as well.

What a wild Brazilian street food tour of Florianopolis, Brazil! Huge thanks to Guilherme and Rafa for bringing me to this beautiful, magical island. It’s a must when you visit southern Brazil! Be sure to check out their YouTube channel and Instagram for more amazing Brazilian food content. Also, massive thanks go out to my friends at the Hotel Intercity Florianopolis for hosting us during our time in the city!

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I hope you liked coming with me to try Brazilian street food in Florianopolis, Brazil! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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