What To See and Do in Mostar

David’s Been Here takes you to Bosnia and Herzegovina to discover what to see and do in the beautiful city of Mostar. The city is well known in the Balkans for its impressive Ottoman-era architecture and laid-back atmosphere. When there aren’t tourists, the old part of the city is ideal for strolling, shopping, and sipping coffee at a local kafana (coffee shop).


David and his friend Sasha spend 2 days exploring Mostar. Their first stop is also the most popular attraction in town – the 16th century Stari Most Bridge (means “Old Bridge”). Sasha explains a little bit about Stari Most’s history and how you can watch the world-famous Mostari Dive Club members do the death-defying jump into the freezing Neretva River below.

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David and Sasha then make a quick stop at the Crooked Bridge, which was used as a trial run before the Ottomans built Stari Most. Afterwards David is able to capture two different jumps off Stari Most, which is exciting since tourists don’t always scrounge up enough to pay the divers the 25-euro fee to jump for the crowd.


It may seem fun and games, but it is actually quite dangerous! Sasha explains that anyone can jump but they must first get training from a member of the dive club.


Then onto the Biscevica House, a beautiful 17th century Turkish home that holds a great deal of folk art and features traditional architecture. It was built in 1637 and has been in the same family for the past 4 generations. The most intriguing architectural feature of the Biscevica House is the sitting room supported by only 2 exterior pillars. Biscevica House is a museum, so anyone can visit. Other beautiful features include the hand-carved wood and copper works.

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Onto the next stop, which is the Muslibegovic House, another 17th century Turkish house that currently serves as a museum/ hotel. In 2010, Expedia.com readers voted the Muslibegovic House 8th best hotel in the world.


David then heads to Koski-Mehmed Pasha Mosque to go up to the top of its minaret for bird’s eye views of Mostar and the iconic Stari Most Bridge. Sasha then takes David to another beautiful building in Mostar, the Karadjoz Bey Mosque. It dates back to 1556 and was built by the Ottomans. This is actually one of the largest Mosques in the country.


We hope you enjoyed David’s suggestions for what to see and do in Mostar. Have you been to Mostar before? Leave us your suggestions about what to see and do in a comment below!

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  1. My husband and I visited Mostar back in 1987. There was a wood carver who made stunning art from roots of tree which had rock attached to the roots. I have a photo of this talented sculptor but I do not know his name or if he is still living?
    If you know of him would you contact me email or my website.

    Thank you,
    Angelica R Bland

    • Hi Angelica, thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately I don’t know him because I didn’t buy any wooden crafts in Mostar. Maybe if you email the city council directly?

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