Local Indian Apartment Tour in Assam | Guwahati, India

When I travel, I love going the Airbnb route. It’s a lot more personal than hotels. This way, I get to stay in a local house that’s owned by someone who lives in the city I’m visiting. It’s a much more immersive way to travel and I highly recommend it! It can also be a lot cheaper than standard hotels, especially when you’re traveling through India! Come along with me as I give you an Indian apartment tour of the Airbnb I called home during my time in Guwahati! 

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My two-bedroom, two-bathroom Airbnb in Guwahati was situated along a lane with restaurants, shops, and a pharmacy nearby. It was also near a local lake. Let me take you on a tour of my digs!

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I began my Indian apartment tour outside the building. My unit was located in an apartment building with a carport on the ground level. The first floor is taken up by the Federation of Indian Export Organization. There’s no elevator, so you have to climb a lot of stairs to the second floor to get to my apartment. It’s an older building but has been kept up-to-date. I was pleased that the caretaker comes and helps you with your bags when you arrive!

My unit was guarded with several locks, including a padlock. Inside is a large living room with a couch, table, and lots of seating. There’s a cool bookshelf with a carved, black rhino on top. The room feels really nice and cozy.

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There’s a nice dining room with a table and chairs, and the kitchen comes with a fridge, a large container of fresh water, a washer/dryer, a stove, a microwave, tea, cutlery, and cups. It’s a very 1970s-style kitchen, but is nice and cozy and has everything I could possibly need.

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The smaller of the two bedrooms has two twin beds pushed together, a closet with extra blankets, and a large, open bathroom. The shower isn’t separate from the toilet, so I suggest staying as close to the wall as possible.

I continued my Indian apartment tour with a look at my bedroom! The huge master bedroom has a king-sized bed, a table, two chairs, and an area I used as a charging station for my equipment. There’s also an ironing board, a closet with more blankets, and a bathroom with lots of natural light. This shower is further from the toilet, so you don’t have to worry as much about getting it wet. Above the shower is a water heater so you can take a hot shower. Off the master bedroom is a terrace that looks out at the street below.

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I highly recommend this Airbnb. It’s centrally located, so it’s easy to get around the city from there. Because it’s so spacious, a family of four could easily stay there comfortably, though five may be pushing it. It’s a really great place to stay.

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Next, I give you guys a quick taste of some of the amazing things you can see, do, and eat in Guwahati!

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