10 Reasons to Visit India’s Golden Triangle + Qatar – Bucket List Trip!

One of my favorite travel destinations is India, particularly the cities of India’s Golden Triangle. The only downside to traveling there is that it can be pretty expensive. But you can get cash back on trips to India, and other amazing destinations around the world, by booking your trips via offers on the new coupons.com cash back website.

I chose the Qatar & India’s Golden Triangle vacation package through Great Value Vacations, which takes you to Doha, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Let’s quickly go through 10 reasons why you need to visit India’s Golden Triangle and a couple of bonus entries in Doha, Qatar!


Red Fort – A historic fortress and UNESCO World Heritage site that served as the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal Empire. It’s a true testament to the power of the Mughal Empire!

Street Food – Visit Chandni Chowk, a cramped and bustling 17th-century market. Try the parathas and chutneys, aloo kachori, and jalebi there. Also, visit Little Tibet for some spicy Lhaphing and a Tibetan blood sausage called Gyurma. You can also find delicious momos there!

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Humayan’s Tomb – A massive royal tomb complex that is made up of roughly a hundred tombs. The tombs include that of Humayan, a Mughal emperor. It’s the largest royal tomb in Delhi and influenced the construction of the Taj Mahal in Agra! It’s a can’t-miss when you visit India’s Golden Triangle!

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Taj Mahal – A world-famous 17th-century mausoleum complex. It was built for Mumatz Mahal, the wife of the fifth Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. It’s one of the new seven wonders of the world. Seven million people travel to Agra to see it every year!

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The Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah – A mausoleum that is known as “the Baby Taj Mahal.” It represents a shift in Mughal architecture, which influenced the construction of the Taj Mahal!

Agra Fort – A massive, walled city that is made of red sandstone and once served as the capital of the Mughal Empire. It’s one of the most breathtaking locations I’ve ever visited in Asia!

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City Palace – A gorgeous, palatial complex that was built between 1729 and 1732 and served as the home of the royal family. Check out its museum, art gallery, temple, and gorgeous gates!

Rajasthani Thali – A unique thali that consists of a crumbled bread ball that’s mixed with curries, vegetables, and yogurts to create a tasty omelet-like mixture. Try it at Torba Café. It is out of this world!

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Hawa Mahal – One of Jaipur’s most stunning buildings, which was built using red and pink sandstone. It’s famous for its unique architecture, which looks somewhat similar to the honeycomb of a beehive! You must check out this gorgeous building when touring India’s Golden Triangle!

Historical Forts – Amer Fort is a fortress and palace that consists of gates, paths, courtyards, and more. It contains a subterranean tunnel that links to Jiagarh Fort, which is notable for its massive, 18th-century wheeled cannon, Jaivana. Nahargarh Fort completes the ring of defense and contains an amazing fine dining restaurant called Once Upon A Time! When you eat there, I highly recommend trying the dal with naan. It’s spectacular!

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Souq Waqif Market – A local market on the Old Town where you can find clothing, shoes, accessories, souvenirs, and other incredible, unique items. There, I bought a traditional headdress called a gutra for 20 Qatari riyals!

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Desert Safari – A fun adventure where your guides take you on a wild ride across the desert in an SUV. Flying up, down, and around the dunes is a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime (if not stomach-turning) experience that I highly recommend. Just don’t eat too much beforehand and you’ll be all set!

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I hope you enjoyed this video of my amazing trip to India’s Golden Triangle and Qatar! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures.

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