Exclusive Miami Dolphins VIP Experience at Hard Rock Stadium – Dolphins VS Redskins | Miami, Florida

Just days after I returned home from my trip through Armenia and Kuwait, I got the amazing opportunity to have an exclusive Miami Dolphins VIP experience at Hard Rock Stadium in my hometown of Miami, Florida! Come along with me, my father Tomas, and my brother Dennis, as we have an unforgettable VIP experience that’s fit for a king!

We started off our experience by heading off to Hard Rock Stadium to see the Miami Dolphins play the Washington Redskins. We couldn’t wait to get there!

After a 30-minute drive, we arrived at the stadium. We had assigned parking in the black VIP section. There were a lot of Redskins fans at the game! We met Grace from the Miami Dolphins, who took us to the field! It was incredible and much bigger than I thought it would be!

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We began our Miami Dolphins VIP experience by joining of other VIPs down on the field. We were able to watch some of the players kicking and throwing around some footballs before the game. The experience lasts about an hour and ends about 30 minutes before kickoff. From there, Grace took us up to the club level so we could check out some more stuff!

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Our Miami Dolphins VIP experience continued on the club level, where Grace led us through some really nice dining areas. There are both regular seats and suites on the club level. It was incredible! I had never been to a stadium like this. It gave off the feel of a luxury airport! There are elevated food experiences there and the seats are more luxurious.

There was also a full bar, live musicians playing jazz music, and huge windows! We headed up to the Mezzanine to get to our suite, where we got to hang out with a lot of other Dolphins fans. The suite had excellent views of the field. We watched them bring out the American flag onto the field.

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In the suite, we had a mini-buffet where they had pork belly, chicken fingers, fruit, bread, and other foods. Then, we listened to the performers on the field sing the National Anthem.

My pork belly was delicious! It was exceptional! I enjoyed it with a glass of white wine as the game kicked off. This experience, for all eight of the Dolphins’ home games during the season, would cost $100,000.

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From there, we settled into our Miami Dolphins VIP experience and watched the game. Because South Florida is such a great destination, lots of fans come in from other cities to watch. After the first quarter, the score was still zero-zero, but then the Redskins scored a touchdown.

The suite had lots of TVs where you can check out other games as well. It’s perfect for huge NFL fans!

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The Dolphins scored a field goal, so they were only down 4 points with a minute left in the half. It was an epic game and experience so far. The seats were so comfortable!

During halftime, we continued our Miami Dolphins VIP experience by heading over to the 72 Club. Lauren from the organization took us there. It’s center field and is all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink. There’s tons of food and practically every kind of drink you can imagine. The club is sick! A membership will get you access to all of it!

My dad, brother, and I got some beers. There were also lots of different types of seafood there, including sushi, crab, and oysters, as well as pizza, cold cuts, cheese, and more. It felt like an amazing lounge! We got some shrimp cocktail, which was really great! The sushi was delicious and super fresh. It was amazing with sriracha and soy sauce. It was actually restaurant-quality! Trust me, if you can afford to have this Miami Dolphins VIP experience, you should take the opportunity!

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We also saw the 72 Club seating on the field. There are 150 seats and 9 suites. We grabbed some nitro cold brew coffee at a cafe. It was like a nitro stout! This area was like a garden!

With 5 minutes to go, the Dolphins were down by 7, but they fumbled. They lost, but what an amazing Miami Dolphins VIP experience! Huge thanks to my friends at the NFL for hooking this up for us!

I hope you enjoyed coming with us on our epic Miami Dolphins VIP experience! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up, leave me a comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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