Elevated Indian Food You Must Try at Moksha Indian Brasserie | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In October of 2019, I had the pleasure of heading north from Miami to East Fort Lauderdale, where my father and I enjoyed some unbelievable elevated Indian food at Moksha Indian Brasserie! Come along with us on our elevated Indian food experience.

We began our elevated Indian food experience outside Moksha Indian Brasserie, which sells reimagined Indian food with a twist! It’s run by a Michelin Star chef from Mumbai and NYC, so his food is incredible. His food encompasses all of India!

We started our elevated Indian food experience with three appetizers: crab sagoo (crab meat with coconut milk, curry leaves, and madras spices), scallops moilee (grilled scallops with poppy seeds, ginger, turmeric, and moilee sauce), and ghatti murgh (chicken with crisp noodles, spices, a fried egg, and a Maharashtrian chili concoction). They all looked incredible!

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We also watched them make paneer flambé, which they torched right in front of us!

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We started with the scallops, which had a light curry on them. They were cooked to perfection! The curry was incredible and good enough to have by itself. It was my first time having a scallop in an Indian restaurant.

Next up was the crab sagoo, which was like a crab salad with peas and corn with chips. We used the chips to dip. There were nice, pure chunks of crab. There were no fillers in it. It was so tasty! It was tasty but not heavy.

Our next elevated Indian food was the paneer flambé, which was so good and kind of spicy! It contained baby corn and reminded me of an Indo-Chinese dish. I loved the presentation and the flavorful kick! I loved the paneer. The vegetarian dishes in India are so fire! If I lived in India, I could be a vegetarian because the dishes are so incredible!

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The ghatti murgh was next. It was like spicy chicken with scrambled eggs! The crispy noodles and the yolk running throughout was excellent.  I was filling up on appetizers! They were too addictive!

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I got to meet Chef Christopher in the kitchen, as he prepared our next courses. He uses about 14 spices in the kitchen as well as some blends. He also had some ghost peppers!

Back at the table, we had 4 entrees, 2 rices, and 2 breads. They included zaffran lobster (lobster tail with saffron and a butter reduction), angarey tandoori chicken (chicken with garam masala, yogurt, and Kashmiri chilies), raan e dum pukht (lamb shank with spices and Kashmiri chilies), and sorisha mach (tandoori smoked mustard salmon with potatoes and dill). We also had spicy naan, rosemary naan, saffron rice, and basmati rice.

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We went for the zaffran lobster first, which was served inside a coconut! It had lots of huge chunks of lobster and was super fresh. I loved the curry. It was full of spices and phenomenal seafood flavor. The curry was made with pureed coconut meat instead of the milk!

I also loved the angarey tandoori chicken. I could taste the chilies in it. The spices were amazing and it was fantastic with the rice!

I tried the spicy bullet naan next. It’s best to dip it into any sauce. The salmon had peppers, cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli. I loved it! It was buttery and came with a delicious pea puree!

Next was the lamb shank, which came in a thick, fresh, and creamy curry that blew my mind. The meat fell right off the bone. I went in to get some marrow but got a mouthful of delicious fat!

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We ended with two lassis: a mango lassi and a strawberry lassi. I’d never had a strawberry lassi! We also had paan ice cream with cardamom. It tasted just like paan. It gives you a jolt of energy and looks like pistachio ice cream!

The strawberry lassi was different and really good! It wasn’t too sweet or thick. It was perfect!

What an epic elevated Indian food meal! Everything was fantastic, but the scallops, lobster, and lamb were my favorites. If I came there alone, those are the dishes I’d order, without question.

I hope you enjoyed coming with us to Moksha Indian Brasserie! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures.

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