The Sushi Mecca of Midtown Miami – Kraken Crudo Sushi Mukbang | Miami, Florida

As you guys know, I love trying new food spots around Miami when I’m at home between trips. And I love sharing food with family and friends. Come along with me as I link back up with my friend NinaUnrated for a sushi mukbang in Miami, Florida!

For this sushi mukbang, Nina and I would be heading to Kraken Crudo, the sushi Mecca of Midtown Miami! This place is famous for its healthy options, like rolls with options like quinoa and arugula instead of rice. You can get 36 different rolls in total. They even have sushi pizza!

We were both so hungry because we’d been fasting all day! We got 3 rolls, tuna pizza, green pizza, and some nori tacos veggie-style. The pizzas are like a cracker with sushi and veggies on them. The green one has avocado while the other has caviar! The rolls were the Light Red, which is wrapped in tuna; the tuna truffle wrapped in baby arugula; and the Notorious with baked salmon belly.

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Kraken Crudo is also eco-friendly, so their plates are made of bamboo.

We started with the green pizzas first. Nina added some soy and mine was already falling apart. I loved the truffles and honey. It was amazing! Then we went with the tuna pizzas, which was phenomenal. It had a nice, light freshness and I loved the caviar and honey. I could have eaten more of it!

Nina got some of their homemade iced tea, which contained passionfruit!

Then, we jumped on the tacos, which were beautiful. It was food art! It had a seaweed shell and was too good! The seaweed was like a taco shell and the filling was creamy and moist.

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Then, we went for the notorious, which had some heat to it! The baked salmon belly was incredible. Nina suggested we mix the eel sauce and soy together, which makes it thicker. The notorious with it was outstanding! The smokiness of the salmon made my mouth water. It was obvious that a lot of time had gone into making it.

Then, we dug into the tuna truffle roll with arugula. This one was cold and fresh and had truffle oil drizzled on top. It also contained avocado, steamed shrimp, crab, and goat cheese. It was so light and fresh, like a salad.

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Then, we went with the Light Red, which is wrapped with tuna. It was super colorful and had a fish egg on top. It was phenomenal and was super buttery. The textures in it were amazing! It was my favorite of them all, but Nina preferred the salmon.

Next up was dessert! We ordered the Oreo Roll, which is wrapped in soy paper, has kiwi on top, and has Oreo and strawberry on the inside. It was frozen and was ingenious. I loved the kiwi and strawberry. It was like having a chocolate-dipped strawberry and was super unique. We couldn’t taste the soy wrapper at all.

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While we ate, I also had a Lucky Buddha beer, which was a light, German-style beer. What an awesome sushi mukbang in Miami, Florida!

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I hope you loved coming with us on our sushi mukbang in Miami, Florida! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures!

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