The Ultimate Indian Haircut Experience 5.0 in Kozhikode – Full Shave & Head Massage in Kerala, India

During my epic 5,000-rupee shopping spree at Koyenco Bazar on S.M. Street in Kozhikode, India, I had to get another Indian haircut, shave, and massage. Come along with me as I have the ultimate Indian haircut experience in Kozhikode and get pampered on my final day in Kerala!

I headed to Blade Barbershop, which is right next to Koyenco Bazar. Inside, I met my barber, Samir. It costs 200 rupees/$2.65 USD for the haircut and shave and an extra 150/$1.99 USD for the head massage. In total, it would only cost me about $5 USD!

I had done this in Kolkata, Shillong, Sivasagar, and Trivandrum so far and couldn’t wait to get started. Indian haircuts are super relaxing anyway, and after walking around in the heat all day, I was ready to fall asleep! I wanted to get my usual, a skin fade. I thought my boy Ebbin could use a haircut, but he didn’t want one today. I look like a different person when I get my hair and beard cut. My barber did a great job blending. He did my left side first and then my right. It was a different way of cutting, but it worked!

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Then, he started on my beard. I hoped I didn’t have any pimples underneath it, which happens when you’re in a super hot environment with a beard, especially when you only have a chance to shower in the evenings. Then, my barber started on my head massage! He patted my head over and over again and then shaved the rest of my beard.

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I was hoping for more massage and a closer shave, so he sprayed my face with water. Him rubbing the gel into my stubble was relaxing in itself! Then, he rubbed in the shaving cream. He was gentle with it and then used a razor to get as close as possible.

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I had some pimples under my beard. This haircut and shave was the perfect way to end my 12 straight days of traveling in Kerala. Traveling the way I do, it was nice to be pampered and get the ultimate Indian haircut experience in Kozhikode! Then he added more cream and gave me a second shave. My face felt like a baby’s bottom and I looked and felt like a new person!

Then, it was time for the shave. He added some sort of oil to my head and began rubbing it in and patting around the side of my head. He also rubbed around my temples and forehead. He even got around my eyes and even got my eyebrows! It felt so amazing and relaxing! Then, he started scratching my head and getting my neck. It was a long massage. It was the best head massage I’ve ever had! It felt like he was digging into my cranium! Outside of the biryani, it was my favorite moment in Kerala.  And it’s an incredible deal for just $2 USD!

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Then, he added more cream and water to my face and rubbed it in everywhere. Then, he wiped it off and gave me a hair wash in the sink. Finally, he blow-dried my hair and cleaned the back of my head. I felt so good but so tired!

And that is the ultimate Indian haircut experience in Kozhikode, India, and it only costs 400 rupees/$5.31 USD! Huge thanks to my boy Ebbin Jose for bringing me to this barbershop. If you want to see more of his travel and food adventures, subscribe to him on YouTube and check out his Instagram! And while you’re at it, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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