Pakistani Biryani Factory!! Lahore Street Food on Kacha Hall Road | Pakistan

With so many exciting food adventures to choose from in Lahore, Pakistan, I set out to try even more fantastic street food for lunch! Come with me to an amazing Pakistani biryani factory, where I try delicious street food on Kacha Hall Road in Lahore, Pakistan!

In this adventure, I’d be exploring two roads with my guides Rashid and Adeel from Manaky. We’d start on Hall Road, which is a major electronics market. Nearby, on Kacha Hall Road, is Waqas Biryani House, the most famous biryani spot in Lahore! Then, we’d go over to Beadon Road and explore even more!

Hall Road is full of cars and motorcycles, so it’s packed and bustling. You really have to be careful navigating it! The vendors along the street sell cell phones, phone cases and screen protectors, and more. The shops sell new phones, while the kiosks outside sell used phones. The whole street is lined with shops and vendors!

There were several thousand people on the street as I visited. I hadn’t visited a place this busy since my time in Chandni Chowk in Delhi! I couldn’t believe how crowded it was. Here, you’ll see customers carrying computers, TVs, and more on their shoulders.

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There were tons of street food vendors along the street, but I wanted to have biryani first because it’s so filling! As we continued, we came across an area where you can buy laptops, keyboards, mice, and towers for affordable prices. The computers are all refurbished and look as good as new!

Finally, we made it to Waqas Biryani House. First, I headed upstairs to the kitchen. The cooks there are always busy!  I got to see them mix and cook the masalas in water and throw the rice in. It looked incredible!

You can get plain biryani or chicken biryani. Because of the pandemic, we took ours to eat it outside. We got some chicken biryani, a shami kebab, salad, and some raita. I heard the biryani would be spicy, so I couldn’t wait to dig in!

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The chicken is steamed and then lightly fried. The rice by itself was excellent, but the chicken was so moist and tender that it fell apart. The dish was spicy but full of flavor from the masala, just the way I like it!

Steaming and then frying the chicken keeps it super moist. It seems to be a signature here in Lahore. The rice was moist, similar to a nice risotto. I loved it.

The soft shami kebab was also quite tasty and went really well with the rice and chicken. Each raita in Pakistan is different, but they all help cool your mouth down while eating spicy foods!

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After finishing up, we continued on to get some chai at a vendor down a much quieter alley. I felt really dehydrated! The chai was creamy and tasty.

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We continued on to Beadon Road, where we found lots of electronics and light fixture shops. It’s narrow and bustling, but there’s also two-way traffic on it. Further down the road, we stopped at Amritsari Sweet Shop, which dates back to 1947. There, we got a few decadent sweets: patissa, gulab jamun, and barfi.

I loved the gulab jamun. The patissa was dense and contained lots of flaky layers. Meanwhile the barfi was crumbly and reminded me a bit of rasgulla and rasmalai.

Next, the shop owner gave us a bite-sized rasgulla, which is full of moisture and super sweet! He wanted us to try so much and didn’t charge us for it!

At the end of the road is Chaman Ice Cream Shop, the most popular ice cream parlor in Lahore. I got chocolate and vanilla, while Adeel got Kulfa.

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Mine was very creamy and had chocolate chips in it! The spice from the biryani was lingering on my tongue, but the ice cream helped cool it down. 

The vanilla ice cream was on the bottom. It wasn’t like regular vanilla and was very unique. I’m not really a sweets lover, but I liked mixing the two flavors. It was the perfect way to end my Pakistani biryani adventure on Hall and Beadon Roads in Lahore, Pakistan!

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