Best Caribbean Food Breakfast in Trinidad and Tobago!

After staying at Pigeon Point Paradise Villa in Pigeon Point, Tobago, I had to give you guys a tour of this amazing villa. Join me on a luxury villa tour in Tobago before we dig into one of the best Caribbean food breakfasts I’ve ever had!

It’s situated near the airport, has three rooms, and fits roughly eight people. They also have a pool, a kitchen and kitchenette, WiFi, and a pool!

Pigeon Point Paradise Villa Tour

The exterior of Pigeon Point Paradise Villa in Pigeon Point, Tobago | Davidsbeenhere

The rooms at Pigeon Point Paradise Villa have a nice living room and a kitchenette with a sink and stocked cabinets. The first bedroom contains two twin beds. Just off it is a washer/dryer and a private bathroom. The bathroom has a door that leads straight to the pool!

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Upstairs is the main kitchen with a stove, fridge, microwave, and cabinets. Outside the kitchen is the terrace, where you can eat overlooking the pool. There are other balconies, too. There’s lots of space!

The family room was a big room with a twin bed, high ceilings, and a queen-sized bed. This was where I slept! Further on is a room for couples. It has its own terrace and has lots of storage space.

My favorite feature was a framed map of Tobago on the wall. Then, my friend Chef Jason Peru and I headed to get a taste of the best Caribbean food on the island after staying there for three days.

Best Caribbean Food Breakfast in Tobago?

A sampling of the best Caribbean food breakfast in Tobago at Rosie's Homestyle Bakery | Davidsbeenhere

We headed to Rosie’s Homestyle Bakery, where they sell lots of fried dishes. I saw some items that looked like croissants and empanadas, as well as currant rolls, coconut bakes, fried shark, cheese pies, and more!

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I went with an orange juice. They also had carrot bakes, whole wheat bake, fry bake, saltfish accras, bhaji, saltfish buljol, sausages with onion and ketchup, and corned beef!

Jason loaded my plate with bhaji; sausages with ketchup, peppers and onions; corned beef; carrot bake; fry bake; hops bread; whole wheat bake; and saltfish accras. The hops bread looked so fluffy! The carrot bake was baked, the fry bake was fried, and the whole wheat bake was roasted in a cast iron pot.

The carrot bake with the corned beef hash and bhaji was excellent. I also loved the hops bread with the sausages. It was fluffy and comforting!

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The fry bake with the saltfish buljol was a nice combination, and the saltfish accras were basically like fish hush puppies! I liked the whole wheat bake with a little bit of everything! There were so many amazing flavors and textures!

Cheese Pie and Airport Snacks

David Hoffmann and Chef Jason Peru enjoy sweet coconut balls at the airport in Tobago | Davidsbeenhere

I’ve grown up with incredible Cuban dishes in Miami, and this roll was like a flaky Cuban pastry with a sweet hot dog inside! It was also very buttery. Adding some mango chutney was really delicious!

Meanwhile, the cheese pie reminded me of an empanada. It was filled with a local cheddar cheese, which was mixed with local spices. It was a whole textural sensation! I liked that we could eat something new every day in these islands!

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After enjoying the best Caribbean food in Tobago, we headed to the airport, where we saw some packaged bene balls, which are sesame seed balls rolled with molasses and bene sticks. They also had tamarind balls, coconut balls, and papaya balls. We got some bene sticks and papaya balls!

The papaya balls were like a chewy, dense donut. It had a grainy texture and was coated in lots of sugar! The bene sticks were hard, nutty, and dense. I loved them!

Where have you been?

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