Caribbean Seafood Feast in Trinidad and Tobago!

On my last night in Trinidad and Tobago, I knew I had to go on one last nighttime street food tour! Join me as I enjoy Trinidadian street food at The Cross in Southern Trinidad! The Cross is an amazing street that’s lined with over two dozen street food vendors. They sell everything from chicken wings to burgers to Caribbean seafood!

Joining me were Rendel and Melina, a married food-vlogging couple who run a channel called Rendelina Reviews. We started at Naldo’s Peri Peri Grill, a food truck that sells specialty burgers, hot dogs, wings, and salads. They’re famous for their peri peri wings!

Naldo’s Peri Peri Grill

The peri peri chicken and Cajun fries at Naldo's Peri Peri Grill in Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

Before we got to the Caribbean seafood, I wanted some peri peri chicken and some Cajun fries! In the kitchen, I saw them making chicken wings, chicken burgers, fried eggs for the burgers, and more!

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The peri peri chicken and Cajun fries looked incredible. They were covered in lots of sauces and seasonings. The chicken wings weren’t too spicy, but were smoky and a little creamy. There was some guava flavor in there, too! The meat fell right off the bone.

The fries weren’t super crispy but had a ton of amazing flavor. The Cajun spice kind of crept up on me, but it wasn’t unbearable.

Irie Dawgz

The Big Man Ting Burger, one of many dishes you can get alongside Caribbean seafood at The Cross in Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

Next, we headed to Irie Dawgz, which sells hot dogs and burgers. But some of these vendors also sell breakfast! In the back, we got the Big Man Ting burger, which contains a beef patty, a turkey patty, a sliced hot dog, chili, nacho chips, several sauces, and cheese!

It’s a huge, messy burger and is so big, you can’t share it. The patties are 5 ounces each. It’s like a mix of a burger, hot dog, and a sloppy Joe. The burger is so filling and has some spiciness and a bit of sour as well! It’s the ultimate mix of Trini flavors!

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Rendell also got a Big Man Ting hot dog, which is all of the same toppings on two huge hot dogs! It’s so full of flavor and the bun is super fluffy. I’m not usually a hot dog guy, and I came to The Cross for the Caribbean seafood, but it was too good!

‘D’ Cabin

Fried chicken and fries at 'D' Cabin | Davidsbeenhere

Next, as we continued to the Caribbean seafood vendors, we stopped at ‘D’ Cabin, where they were frying up tons of chicken with fries. We got two pieces of chicken with some fries. I was told it’s spicy and that they have amazing sauces!

It was very juicy and smoky, and the chicken was fresh, never frozen. Adding some tamarind sauce added a sweet and spicy element that I couldn’t get enough of. I noticed that every tamarind sauce in T&T was different!

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I added some tamarind and garlic sauces to my fries, which was amazing. Then, I tried the pepper sauce, which was hot! Luckily, they brought me some water!

Caribbean Seafood at SeaFood Boil TT

Caribbean seafood, including a lobster stuffed with shrimp and topped with butter sauce at The Cross in Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

Next was SeaFood Boil TT, which is said to have the best Caribbean seafood boils in T&T! They make a lobster with a unique butter sauce, shrimp in butter sauce, and more. They put the shrimp inside the lobster!

The shrimp were so succulent, and the butter sauce was unbelievable. The sauce had the perfect amount of spice! We followed it with the provision pie, which was sweet and starchy and made from root vegetables.

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Then, we dove into the lobster, but there were still tons of shrimp inside! The lobster was super buttery. The butter sauce was unreal with it! It melted in my mouth! It was so messy and so good!

Cheesecake House

A decadent milkshake topped with Oreos, whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauces, and a slice of cheesecake | Davidsbeenhere

After our Caribbean seafood feast, we ended at Cheesecake House. There, they make cheesecake milkshakes! It’s a milkshake with a whole slice of cheesecake, Oreos, and whipped cream on top!

It’s so huge and thick, you have to drink it down. Then, you dunk the cheesecake into the milkshake. Between the cheesecake, caramel, chocolate, and whipped cream, it’s ultra decadent!

At Sandough, they sell drinks. I went with a hibiscus mint iced tea. I loved the refreshing mint and the hibiscus flower flavor. The perfect way to end this tour!

Where have you been?

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