The Ultimate Trinidad Doubles Food Tour in Trinidad!

After nearly two weeks of traveling around Trinidad and Tobago, my time in this beautiful island nation was finally at an end. But I couldn’t leave without eating Trinidad doubles one last time! Come with me as I go on an epic Trinidadian street food tour and eat lots of doubles before my flight home!

Doubles are a staple in Trinidadian cuisine. They’re the ultimate street food on the island. They’re derived from chole bhature, a dish brought to the island by immigrants from India, which locals modified using ingredients that grow on the island. Their base is a bara, which is a fried, golden-brown flatbread. It’s then topped with chana (chickpeas) and gravy, and sometimes various chutneys, vegetables, and meats. Then, they add another bara!

Trinidad Doubles at Sauce Team

David Hoffmann eating messy Trinidad doubles at Sauce Team on the island of Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

Joining me on my final Trini food adventure was my friend David from Foodie Run TT. Our first stop was Sauce Team, where they made me a Trinidad doubles topped with chana, cucumber, and chadon beni sauce, which is made from culantro.

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Their toppings also include tamarind sauce and roasted pepper sauce. They also sell pies and even triples! The doubles and pies cost $6 TTD, while the triples are $8 TTD.

It was so soft yet crispy, and I loved the pepper. Eating doubles gets messy, but it’s so delicious. I loved that the chana was perfectly cooked. They weren’t too hard or too soft. It’s so good, you have to lick the paper after!

Then, I watched them make an aloo pie using the same toppings. It looked delicious! After that, we drove to a doubles and pies stand on the western peninsula run by a husband-and-wife team. I was told their pepper sauce is really hot!

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I’d never been to this part of the island yet. I could see lots of small towns and fishing villages.

Western Peninsula Doubles and Indian Delicacies

A closeup of Trinidad doubles at Western Peninsula Doubles and Indian Delicacies | Davidsbeenhere

We arrived at Western Peninsula Doubles and Indian Delicacies. There, they offer lots of chutneys and sauces, including coconut chutney, roast pepper, and masala chili.

They have one called “mother-in-law,” which contains carrots, hot peppers, garlic, and more. It looked really hot! They open at 5:30 in the morning and they’re popular, so get there early before they sell out!

Instead of Trinidad doubles, I got a triples with chana, pepper sauce, coconut chutney, roast pepper, tamarind, and masala chili. There were seven condiments in total!

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It was really hot. I loved the sweetness of the tamarind and the denser baras. The combination of flavors and textures was excellent. Then, we washed it down with some sorrel-tamarind juice. It was very sweet and a bit tangy!

I bought a jar of the coconut chutney and the roast pepper pepper for $30 TTD each. The people there were so nice!

Trinidad Doubles at Castro’s and S. Hanif & Sons

A woman serves David Hoffmann fresh doubles at Castro's | Davidsbeenhere

Then, we headed back to a suburb of Port of Spain to a Trinidad doubles place called Castro’s. It’s been open for 27 years, and at this location for 7.

My doubles came topped with chadon beni, cucumber, chana, and mango! It was hot. There was more heat than sweetness, and there were lots of vibrant colors!

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The cuisine here is a wonderful fusion of Caribbean, Indian, African, Chinese, Portuguese, and Latin American. Then, we headed east from Port of Spain to Ken’s Hot Doubles and Pies in Curepe.

It’s a super popular place that’s been open for 18 years. I could see them making doubles and aloo and cheese pies. The people there were so amazing.

They gave me tons of fillings. It was very creamy and tasty. I loved the crunch of the cucumber. It was lighter in spice and sweeter!

Finally, we drove to the airport and got some Trinidad doubles at S. Hanif & Sons in the food court. This one was lighter than the others. The tamarind was really nice! I loved that all of these doubles were different from one another!

Where have you been?

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