Chaguanas, Trinidad: Legendary Trini Food Tour

After exploring the northern part of Trinidad for a couple of days, I headed south to Chaguanas, Trinidad in the central part of the island. There, I’m going to try a wide variety of dishes, including Indian food and Venezuelan street food!

My friends Chef Jason Peru, David from Foodie Run TT, Candice Mohan, and I started at Hassanali’s D’Green Shed, a food truck along a bustling street in Chaguanas. They were making aloo pies, fried eggplant called baiganee, and more!

Hassanali’s D’Green Shed in Chaguanas, Trinidad

David Hoffmann and celebrity hairstylist Candice Mohan enjoy a fresh kachori with chana in Chaguanas, Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

This spot in Chaguanas, Trinidad is legendary. They also made rolls coated in ground chickpea paste called saheena, as well as kachori. They’re also famous for their doubles! The doubles come with chana and different chutneys.

First, we all tried the saheena. It had some tamarind chutney on it, which added some sweetness. The leaves and chickpea batter were unreal, and I loved the light fry. I could eat it every day! It was a steal for just 5 TTD/$0.74 USD.

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Next was the baiganee, a fried and battered eggplant. It was so delicious! I loved the crunch, the pickled mango, and the eggplant itself. It was too good, and filling!

Next was the kachori, which they added chana and chutney to. It was like a dense, crumbly, savory cake. It was similar to a falafel. It’s a delicious vegan dish. It falls apart, so you have to dig in with your hands!

Then, we jumped on the doubles, which are fried flatbreads called bara topped with chana and chutney. It was so messy and so tasty! The soft, crispy bara absorbed the chana. It was so good, I had to lick the paper afterward!

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We finished up with Apple J, which is a sparkling apple juice drink made by Solo. It was really refreshing!

Making Trini Venezuelan Food in Chaguanas

Then, we drove to Anndres, a nearby spot in Chaguanas, Trinidad that sells Venezuelan food. Trinidad is just seven miles off the northern coast of Venezuela. The staff is all Venezuelan!

The made a reina pepiada arepa with chicken, avocado, and chadon beni. It’s the top arepa in Venezuela. They made another arepa with tuna and cheese, along with a cachapa.

Cachapas are buttered corn pancakes with white cheese inside. They’re my favorite Venezuelan breakfast dish! They put a mountain of cheese inside it and topped it with avocado and more cheese!

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Next, they made patacon, which are fried green plantains that they mash into a patty and deep-fry again. Then, they top it with guasacaca sauce (which is made with avocado, cilantro, oil, and peppers), mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded beef, bacon, ham, and a fried egg.

Then, they top it with more sauces, white cheese, avocado, and another tostone. It’s like a massive breakfast sandwich! Then, they deep-fried some tequeños, which are fried cheese sticks.

Venezuelan Food in Chaguanas, Trinidad

David Hoffmann and Chef Jason Peru enjoy patacones at Anndres in Chaguanas, Trinidad | Davidsbeenhere

At our table, Jason and I started on the tequeños with the guasacaca sauce, which is like a creamier guacamole. The tequeños are crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside.

The cachapa was so good. The fresh sweet corn, gooey cheese, and avocado was an amazing combination. This dish beats the Indian dosa for me. It was moist and soft, and not too crispy on the outside.

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Next was a Maltin, an authentically brewed malt drink. It’s sweet and non-alcoholic, and contains molasses.

Then, we tried the arepas! I ate the tuna one while Jason had the reina pepiada. The tuna was so flavorful and refreshing. I loved the cheese and avocado inside! You can put anything inside an arepa!

We followed that with the patacones, which is essentially a plantain burger with shredded beef. The four sauces, plantains, beef, lettuce, egg, bacon, and cheese blew my mind. Everything was fresh and perfectly cooked! What an incredible food tour in Chaguanas, Trinidad!

Where have you been?

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